Someone needs to tell slow Joe that it doesn’t look good if he brags about spending billions upon billions of dollars and then shortly afterward blames Putin and the GOP for inflation.

That’s exactly what he did during a recent speech at the 29th AFL-CIO Quadrennial Constitutional Convention.

First, he bragged about all the billions he’s spent on infrastructure, labeling the spending on infrastructure “Infrastructure Decade” and saying:

The next step was the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.  And now not only is it Infrastructure Week, we’ve arrived at Infrastructure Decade!

And people are going to see a lot of it.  We got to remind them where it’s coming from.  We announced nearly $3 billion this year to improve more than 3,000 airports across 50 states this year — this year.  We announced $5 billion so union workers could get to work building a national network of electric vehicle charging stations.  We announced the largest investment of public transit in American history — more than the entire Amtrak system when it started: $20.5 billion.

That would have been fine had he ended it there or kept talking about all the good he was doing for families of “blue collar workers”, but he didn’t. Instead he jumped over to the inflation issue, saying:

Look, the point is this: Under my plan for the economy, we’ve made extraordinary progress. And we put America in a position to tackle the wor- — worldwide problem that’s worse everywhere but here: inflation. It’s sapping the strength of a lot of families.

[…]The problem is Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families.

Continuing from having blamed Republicans, he went on to go ahead and blame Putin too, saying:

First, I’m doing everything in my power to blunt Putin’s gas price hike. Just since he invaded Ukraine, it’s gone up $1.74 a gallon — because of nothing else but that.

Ignored by Biden is that it was already rising precipitously before Putin got involved, or that the Biden regime has been spending not just billions, but trillions of freshly printed dollars

This isn’t the first time Joe has ducked taking responsibility on the inflation issue. He did so in another recent speech, for example, he once again blamed Putin for the inflation and gas price crises, saying:

Look, folks, today I’d like to speak about my top economic priority: fighting inflation.  I understand Americans are anxious, and they’re anxious with good reason.  I was raised in a household when the price of gasoline rose precipitously, it was the discussion at the table.  It made a difference when food prices went up.

But we’ve never seen anything like Putin’s tax on both food and gas. 

Perhaps, rather than blaming Putin for being mean or Republicans for not wanting to print and spend more money, Biden should stop bragging about spending billions and start taking fiscal responsibility seriously, particularly now that inflation is getting perniciously high.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List