RINO Deal With Biden On “Bipartisan” Infrastructure Bill May Be In Serious Trouble

The bipartisan infrastructure bill that some warned would give Joe Biden and Democrats cover to ram through a massive package of social engineering items on a party-line vote may be in serious trouble after Senate Republicans mounted a filibuster on Wednesday.

Following weeks of negotiations on the $1.2 trillion package that unlike the larger bill actually addressed the nation’s crumbling roads and bridges, a late move by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to move the bipartisan legislation to a vote before it was completed led to a breakdown that put the future of the bill in limbo while eliciting criticism that the Dems weren’t dealing in good faith.

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Responding to Schumer’s chicanery, Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri summed up the frustration; “There’s no bill. You can’t expect that many Republicans to move forward on a pretty vague concept,” He said, “It’s pretty much up to the majority leader. If he wants to kill the bipartisan bill, insisting on a vote before there’s a bill is a certain way to kill the bipartisan discussion.”

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska added; “people have an opportunity to actually look at what they might be voting on.”

On Wednesday, Senate Republicans unified to block the incomplete bill from advancing 51-49, well short of the 60 votes that it needed to pass, forcing Schumer to either fish or cut bait by returning to the table to hammer out the final details.

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The bill was orchestrated by a group of breakaway RINOs including Susan Collins and Mitt Romney whose grandstanding during the Trump administration earned them much admiration from a media that routinely trotted them out as foils for the ex-POTUS to make the case that there was bipartisan support against Trump.

Schumer yanked the rug out from under the RINOS when he announced that he was moving to a vote regardless of whether it was finished or not, yet another of the sneaky betrayals that Dems are known for as he cited the need for urgency to get the deal done before turning the larger package that will be steamrolled over the top of Republicans using reconciliation.

Last month, the RINOs basked in the glory of their triumphant moment when they appeared with Biden at a White House press conference in which the big guy announced that “we have a deal.”

Biden then immediately held another presser stating that the “deal” that he just struck would only be honored if it was a part of a package along with the larger and more controversial bill that would include the Green New Deal items along with other giveaways to liberal special interests.

The betrayal exasperated Lindsey Graham who exclaimed that the entire fiasco makes the GOP look like “f**king idiots but Biden quickly walked back his remarks and negotiations resumed.

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Despite the filibuster, the RINOs remain optimistic that a deal will be reached. “We’re making progress, but we need more time,” said Susan Collins of Maine.

The bipartisan group issued a statement expressing confidence in a deal; “We will continue working hard to ensure we get this critical legislation right — and are optimistic that we will finalize, and be prepared to advance, this historic bipartisan proposal to strengthen America’s infrastructure and create good-paying jobs in the coming days”

If a deal is reached – and that is questionable at this time – then it will be a major win for Biden who will have been gifted with bipartisan support even as Democrats prepare to cram the reconciliation package with additional items like amnesty and an overhaul of the entire U.S. election process that will be passed with no GOP votes.

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