Romney Claims Trump Is Undermining Democracy; Supports Pelosi’s Sham Committee


Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has finally found love from the same media that mocked and ridiculed him back in 2012. He was made a laughing stock when he lost a winnable election to a vulnerable Barack Obama.

The former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts has gone from zero to hero in the eyes of the Democratic party activists. They control the national messaging from their corrupt studios and newspapers and on Sunday morning he joined CNN’s Jake Tapper to give props to Joe Biden.

Romney is basking in the afterglow of a deal on a “bipartisan” slimmed-down infrastructure package that he and other RINOs negotiated with Biden. This turned out to be a fool’s errand since the fibber in chief has already said that he would veto the bill if it wasn’t accompanied by a budget stuffed with Green New Deal items.

During his appearance on the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” on its flagship “State Of The Union” program, Mitt expounded on his great vision of America. He said he trusted Biden and as usual, he didn’t miss an opportunity to trash his nemesis, former President Donald J. Trump.

Reciting the CNN talking point of “The Big Lie” he said, “I know people want to say, yeah, they believe in the big lie in some cases, but I think people recognize it’s a lot of show and bombast but it’s going to nowhere. The election is over. It was fair.”

Romney added, “Look. The president was crying foul on election night and actually before election night and the question is what were his sources of information? Where did he hear that the election had been fraudulently carried out? Did he hear it from the Justice Department? No. Did he hear it from the intelligence community? No. So where did he hear it from? The buy pillow guy? Rudy Giuliani? What are their sources of information?”

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Like his Democrat allies, Mitt is worried about suggestions by the ex-POTUS that last year’s election was rigged. They seriously oppose any efforts to audit the vote such as the one that is taking place in Arizona’s Maricopa County.

Romney claims that calls for election integrity are undermining “democracy”. A term that has been redefined by the one-party state and its media propagandists so as to mean anything but the textbook definition.

According to Mitt, “There is a battle going on in the world right now between the nations like China and Russia and nations that believe in democracy. If the autocratic nations can point to United States which is the birth place of this modern democracy and can say, look, they can’t run an election there that is not fraudulent, how can you possibly run it in your country?”

The actions of the Biden regime (such as the weaponizing of the federal government against political opposition) it is now pretty clear what type of “democracy” that Pierre Delecto is referring to. That would be the one that the U.S. intelligence agencies like the CIA have used in foreign countries for decades. Imprisonment, torture, and murder of those who oppose the regime installed by Washington is the standard operating procedure.

Romney also threw his support behind Nancy Pelosi’s select committee to investigate the so-called “insurrection”. This monumental sham has been exploited by Democrats and anti-Trump neocons to demonize Trump supporters and drop a jackboot on dissent in America.

Pelosi failed to get the guaranteed media spectacle of a “9/11 style” commission through the Senate thanks to a GOP filibuster. Now madame Speaker has fallen back on the less sexy alternative of the select committee which will likely be packed with the same sorry crew members of the two impeachments.

Trump showed last night during a rousing Ohio rally when he returned to the outdoor speeches (that have become his trademark) he and his supporters aren’t going away. This fact really pisses off the Democrats, the Biden regime, CNN, and most of all, Mitt Romney.

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