Rush: If Democrats Can Erase Us from Social Media, Can They Erase Our Votes?

Now that the Democrats have abandoned all pretenses of being a legitimate political entity instead of a power-mad pack of rabid authoritarians, the future is bleak for conservatives. 

Last Friday, in an audacious move that many previously believed was unthinkable, the Dems’ indispensable allies in Silicon Valley acted in a coordinated manner to ban President Trump from all of their platforms along with tens of thousands of his supporters. 

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Such censorship is commonplace with the Democrats’ partners in totalitarian China but that it is taking place in America despite the First Amendment shows the dangerous power that has been placed in the hands of the leftist tech oligarchs who are now arguably more powerful than governments. 

The blitzkrieg that also included the takedown of competitor Parler is only the start and if they can silence the voices of conservatives, can the Democrats and their tech cohorts also take away their votes?

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That is the question being asked by talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh who on Monday’s edition of his nationally syndicated show said that the titans of tech are running the United States.” 

According to Rush:

“Is it fair to think that what is happening to conservatives on social media…? I mean, we are being censored out of existence. We are being silenced out of existence. We are being pummeled, we are being threatened, we are being intimidated out of existence. So is it fair to think that what is happening to conservatives on social media is the same thing that happened to their votes?

I mean, if it can happen in one area, in one place, can it happen in others? You know, my old favorite philosopher, Blaise Pascal, said, “It’s much easier to believe that something that has been can be again than it is to believe that something’s never been can be.” Well, I’m telling you, we are being summarily suppressed, eliminated, wiped out on social media.

Isn’t that the same thing that happened to many of our votes? Democrats make things they don’t like disappear. If they do it once, they can do it again and again and again, and they are making us disappear. They’re trying. What’s happening on social media reinforces beliefs that Trump supporters were cheated, that votes mysteriously vanished into thin air, and we’re not supposed to talk about this. Some people aren’t.”

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Limbaugh who was rewarded with the Presidental Medal Of Freedom at last year’s SOTU also took aim at the tech oligarchs including “Rasputin Jack” of Twitter whose unkempt long beard makes him a dead ringer for Russian “holy man” Grigori Rasputin who held great influence with the aristocracy in pre-Bolshevik Russia.

Per Rush: 

“Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen…? I’m sure you do. Every couple of months for the past five years the Titans of Tech — (chuckles) “Titans of Tech” — like Rasputin Jack and all of these girlie boys that run these tech outfits will be called up to Congress. Members of various House and Senate committees were gonna get real tough on these dudes!

They were gonna get real demanding, gonna threaten them with Section 230 removal, gonna threaten them with all kinds of horror if they don’t get it right, if they don’t stop messing around, if they don’t stop “stoopin’” around in their stupid tweeting and their infiltrating and all this. They were threatened left and right, the Titans of Tech every couple of months for five years.

And in the last year, they didn’t even have to go because of COVID. So they did it via Zoom or whatever other high-tech was acceptable to the various tech entrepreneurs. Didn’t even have to show up! But they hauled ’em up there, questioned them to death, tried to make it look like they were gonna bring down the hammer on the Titans of Tech — and then what would happen, ladies and gentlemen?

Well, the Titans of Tech would smugly leave wherever they were. They would either leave the Capitol if it was in the four years previous for this past year or they would leave their basement/media room and go back to wherever they hang out. After having appeared remotely, they’d go back to the little offices where anybody can wear what they want, drink endless supplies of Red Bull, play on the company-provided video games/ping-pong tables, and face no recrimination whatsoever.

Congress never did one thing to stop them. Oh, they huffed and they puffed. They made it look like they were gonna bring down the hammer on the Titans of Tech, didn’t they? Every time there were hearings, it was made to look like these guys had better straighten up and straighten up fast or the mighty United States Congress was going to finally be heard. But it never was, never has been. Do you know why?

Congress never did one thing to stop them, never did one thing to get in their way, ever. Not a single thing. Still haven’t. You know why? Scared to death. No. You know what those sessions really were? Those hearings were opportunities for our elected officials to relinquish their authority and power, their authority and power to regulate in exchange for something. You know what? It was so cheap. The Titans of Tech got off so easy.”

The merger of state and corporate power is technically defined by the word “fascism” and that is what Democrats are now that the mask has been dropped from their snarling faces. 

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