Rush Urges Trump Supporters to ‘Keep the Faith’ As Dems Use ‘Fraud’ and ‘Deceit’ to Steal Election

Conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves Thursday to reassure President Donald Trump’s supporters that the man they voted for isn’t about to lie down and just let Democrat Joe Biden and his surrogates steal the election from them.

As he spoke, Biden’s lead in Arizona was shrinking, and election officials in Clark County, Nevada – perhaps certain of a Trump victory – announced they were postponing announcing results until Nov. 12.

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Also, the Trump campaign was busy winning a major legal decision to have GOP poll monitors ‘allowed’ back into a Philadelphia ballot center after they were barred from entering Wednesday (why they would have to go to court for this is evidence enough that chicanery is afoot).

Limbaugh advised the president’s supporters to hold firm because their “fighter” president isn’t going to just roll over:

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A message, my friends, is keep the faith. You’ve got to keep the faith. We elected President Donald Trump in 2016. We elected him precisely to oppose and stop what we are all having to put up with right now — fraud, deceit, cheating, anti-Americanism, un-Americanism. We’ve had our fill of it. It has reached a boiling point. We wanted Donald Trump. He was a fighter for America-first policies. 

He wanted to make America great again, and he did. He was off and running, three and a half years of an economic rebound the likes of which this country hadn’t seen. And then the coronavirus hits, and everything falls apart. Well, not falls apart, but everything is just rendered into mass, total confusion. But he fought and he is still fighting to uplift all Americans. This is the thing that everybody’s got to understand. …

Got to keep the faith, not just in word, but in action. And the president has to continue to fight. The president has to take every legal action he has open to him to reverse the Democrat political election corruption and win again for the real American people. This is not a time to abandon him — I’m not suggesting that any of you are.

I know it gets harder and harder to keep the faith, because it seems like it’s an overwhelming task. It seems like no matter what, particularly as I discussed yesterday, we play by the rules; we want to do everything legitimately so that when we win, it’s legit, that it is real. We don’t want to get where we end up with fakery or by way of cheating. We want it all to be legit, we want legitimate mandates, we want legitimate majorities. We play by the rules as best we can to get there.

The host continued: “And we’re up against people that don’t and don’t even care about that, and they smirk and they mock and they laugh at and they make fun of people that play by the rules. “Well, what a bunch of fools you people are, what a bunch of jerks. It’s easy. You people are gonna hamstring yourself by playing by the rules?” That’s what we’re up against. It’s frustrating. It seems like the bad guys constantly win, that we’re constantly losing. But we’re not.

“Donald Trump was elected. And I think he was reelected. And I think that’s why all these shenanigans are going on. They know he was reelected,” he added.

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Keep in mind that Democrats are also going to do what they have been accusing Trump of planning to do all along: Claim his eventual victory is illegitimate because he stole it.

But as Limbaugh reminds us, now is not the time to give up.

Because our president hasn’t given up on us.

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