“Scared Little Girl That Is Pretty Stupid”; Marjorie Taylor Green Blasts AOC As She Challenges Her To Debate

Far-left socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants to tank the American economy by spending trillions of dollars on the “Green New Deal”, and now she might actually have to defend her positions in debate form with GOP House rep Marjorie Taylor Greene.

In a brand new video posted to Twitter, MTG savaged AOC, calling her a “scared little girl that is pretty stupid”.

“Well the good news is that I’ve read all 14 little pages of the Green New Deal and I am very ready to debate her on the House floor,” she said.

“So this is what we’re going to be doing, the date hasn’t been set but when it is set, we will let you know. She better show up. If she chickens out, then she shows exactly who she really is. A scared little girl that is pretty stupid, and doesn’t know anything about the economy or economics,” MTG concluded.

Watch below:

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