Schiff Says Trump Needs to be Impeached Because Russia Will Attack the US Mainland

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Although the impeachment trial is now in the hands of the Senate, troubled Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff has brought his "Schiff show" to the Senate and is promoting every falsehood and conspiracy theory he has ever made.


During the impeachment trial on Wednesday, Schiff said that Russia would attack the United States mainland and the only way of preventing this would be to remove President Trump from office.

Check out what Fox News reported:

Trump's lawyers sat by, waiting their turn, as the president blasted the proceedings from afar, threatening jokingly to face off with the Democrats by coming to "sit right in the front row and stare at their corrupt faces."

The challenge before the House managers has been clear. Democrats were given 24 hours over three days to prosecute the charges against Trump, trying to win over not just fidgety senators sitting silently in the chamber but an American public, deeply divided over the president and his impeachment in an election year.

Most senators sat at their desks throughout the day, as the rules stipulated, though some stretched their legs, standing behind the desks or against the back wall of the chamber, passing the time. Visitors watched from the galleries, one briefly interrupting in protest.

After a long and boring morning, Schiff bizarrely suggested that Ukraine desperately needs United States military aid so we don't have to fight the Russians "here."

"As one witness put it during our impeachment inquiry, the United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there, and we don't have to fight Russia here," Schiff claimed.

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"Liberals used to mock Bush supporters when they used this jingoistic line during the war on Iraq," said journalist Max Blumenthal. "Now they deploy it to justify an imperialist proxy war against a nuclear power."

WATCH the moment below:

An even more appalling comment by Schiff came when he said that the President must be removed from office by the Senate opposed from the American people because he cannot be "assured" that the election "will be fairly won."

"The president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won," Schiff said.

Many people including those on the left made sure to hammer the representative for his outlandish claims.

"And right here is proof of the Democrats’ plan all along," President Trump's campaign director of communications Tim Murtaugh said. "Every moment of the impeachment sham has been geared toward interfering with the 2020 election. Schiff is preemptively calling into question the results of an election that is still more than 9 months away."

The Nation contributor Aaron Mate tweeted: "For all the talk about Russia undermining faith in US elections, how about Russiagaters like Schiff fear-mongering w/ hysterics like this? Let's assume Ukraine did what Trump wanted: announce a probe of Burisma. Would that delegitimize a 2020 US election? This is a joke."

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