Shocking Study Proves How The Media Swayed Millions Of Votes By Suppressing Anti-Biden Stories

Ever since it was clear that Joe Biden was going to become the Democrat nominee, the #1 goal of the liberal media was to make Trump look bad and for Biden to look good.

Their strategy was very simple:

Suppress stories that were unfavorable to Biden, boost stories that were unfavorable to Trump, and suppress stories that were favorable to Trump.

Sadly, it looks like this strategy worked to the tune of millions of voters across 7 swing states.

To measure the effect of the left-wing media, the Media Research Center asked The Polling Company to survey 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). As you know, the media has projected Biden to be the “winner” in 6 of these 7 states.

The MRC tested these voters’ knowledge of eight news stories that the liberal media had failed to cover properly – or at all. 

Shockingly, their research found that a whopping 82% of Biden supporters were unaware of at least one of these key stories.

Even worse, a huge chunk of these Biden supporters would have actually switched their votes to Trump if they had just been aware of these stories.

Take a look at the shocking breakdown on these charts:

Here’s more analysis from the MRC:

If they had known about Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations, 8.9% told us they would have changed their vote — either switching to Trump or a 3rd party candidate, not voting for any presidential candidate, or not voting at all. By itself, this would have flipped all six of the swing states won by Biden (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), giving the President a win with 311 electoral college votes.

Even more Biden voters (45.1%) said they were unaware of the financial scandal enveloping Biden and his son, Hunter (a story infamously censored by Twitter and Facebook, as well as ignored by the liberal media). According to our poll, full awareness of the Hunter Biden scandal would have led 9.4% of Biden voters to abandon the Democratic candidate, flipping all six of the swing states he won to Trump, giving the President 311 electoral votes.

The other part of the double-edge sword of the media’s strategy was to hide President Trump’s successes.

The MRC also found that many voters would have switched their votes to Trump if they had only heard about these positive stories.

More from the MRC:

The liberal media also prevented many Biden voters from learning about record-breaking positive economic news in the months leading up to the election. The five pre-election jobs reports from June 5 to October 2 showed a record 11,161,000 jobs were created in the extraordinary snapback from the pandemic recession. Yet a large number of Biden voters (39.4%) said they didn’t know about this achievement. If they had, 5.4% said they would have changed their vote; this would have swung Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Trump, who would have won with 295 electoral votes.

On October 29, the government reported a huge jump in economic growth — 33.1% on an annual basis, double the previous record. Yet nearly half of Biden voters (49.0%) said they had no idea about this record-breaking achievement. Armed with that information, 5.6% said they would have changed their vote, swinging Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and a total of 295 electoral votes to Trump.

Here’s the state by state breakdown of the votes Trump could have earned if only the media was fair:

In Pennsylvania, 15% of Biden voters said they would have defected. Using the reported vote totals as of noon on November 19, this would have reduced his total by 518,204 votes, flipping the state to Trump. In Michigan, the percentage who would have left Biden was 14%, deducting 392,966 from his tally and flipping that state, too.

In Georgia, 15% of Biden’s voters say they would have defected based on full information, taking 370,838 votes out of his column, and putting Trump comfortably ahead. In Arizona, 21% say they would have changed their vote, deducting 351,150 from Biden’s column and putting Trump in front there, too.

In Wisconsin, Biden would have lost 13% of his voters, taking away 211,987 from his column. In Nevada, the percentage of those who would have left Biden was 18%, or 126,627 voters. Such a shift would have put both of those states in Trump’s column, too.

In the final state we polled, North Carolina, 21% of Biden’s voters say they would have changed their minds, deducting 563,703 votes from his total and significantly bolstering Trump’s margin of victory in that state.

If this study proves one thing, it’s that we have a TON of work to do to expose the liberal media.

Sadly, millions of Americans still see them as trustworthy.

We need to bring that trust down to 0. They don’t deserve a shred of credibility after what they’ve done to President Trump over the last 5 years.