The Canadian police are starting to crack down on the Freedom Convoy protest and what they are doing to demonstrators is absolutely frightening. A recent video that has gone viral shows the Candian Mounted Police on horseback charging towards a group of protestors in Ottawa and even trampling an old lady.

The officers on horseback who trampled the old woman kept moving and didn’t even check up on the woman if she was alive. The elderly woman wasn’t the only victim of Trudeau’s latest declaration to basically treat any trucker or demonstrator in Ottawa as terrorists but the Ottawa police has arrested dozens of truckers, journalists, and other demonstrators in downtown Ottawa for expressing their freedom of speech.

Watch the moment the horseback police trample the old lady here:

There were early reports from Fox News contributors that the older woman succumbed to her injuries but a new report has stated she has injuries that are not fatal.

The Ottawa Police in a last-ditch effort to defend their already disgraced police force sent out a tweet that stated:

We hear your concern for people on the ground after the horses dispersed a crowd. Anyone who fell got up and walked away. We’re unaware of any injuries. A bicycle was thrown at the horse further down the line and caused the horse to trip. The horse was uninjured.

Notice how in the police statement they selectively used the phrase “they dispersed the crowd” instead of saying what they really did and that’s trampling an elderly woman. It appears they are already on damage control mode and are attempting to avoid a major lawsuit.

Several protesters who witnessed the elderly women get trampled refuted the Canadian police force’s claims that a bicycle was thrown at the horse but rather they stated the horses charged into the elderly women’s walker which caused the horse to run over the woman.

Canadian riot police detained well over 100 Freedom Convoy activists Friday in an effort to disrupt the three-week roadblock of the capital against COVID-19 mandates. Scores of cops, in riot gear and brandishing military rifles, descended on the congested streets in the center of Ottawa in a massive show of power early Friday.

Fights broke out as the protestors mainly stayed persistent even as lines of highly armed cops gradually forced them back, forcing them out of the way and detaining others. Officers were spotted carrying activists away in custody across the freezing streets while stubborn trucks blared their horns.

Most demonstrators detained were hit with trespass charges, and roughly two dozen trucks/cars had been removed, including all those obstructing one of Ottawa’s main streets, officials said. Some of those who were arrested were truckers who even had their children with them.

Besides crackdown on the protestors, Trudeau’s regime is also cracking down on anyone that has been given donations to the Freedom Convoy. An Emergency Act invoked by Trudeau is forcing all financial institutions to freeze the accounts of anyone assisting protesters in Ottawa.


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