Sleepy Joe Is Leading a Robot Army!!!!

Are you sitting down to read this article, folks? If you aren’t, maybe you should. I have some shocking, shocking news.

Turns out that Joe Biden, leftist messiah, great uniter, and most popular President in the United States history, apparently is leading an ARMY OF ROBOTS!!!!!

Okay, these aren’t nanorobots designed to infiltrate your brain so the left can control your mind. That technology is at least two years away, being saved for the 2024 election.

Rather, the “robots” I refer to are on Twitter. You’ve heard of Twitter, right? Some guy named Musk just bought it and may or may not part it out.

Well, turns out that the most popular President in history MAY NOT actually have 20 million Twitter followers.

Outkick reports:

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If you were click-through President Biden’s follower list on Twitter, you’d find many egg accounts and handles like @person1123445. That’s because most of them are bots. Around half of his followers are fake, a new audit reveals.

According to Newsweek, SparkToro found that 49.3 percent of the accounts following Biden at @POTUS are “fake followers.” The study made this conclusion based on location issues, default profile images, and shady dates of creation.

Shady dates of creation? I certainly can’t believe there is anything “shady” about Joe Biden! Hunter, on the other hand, don’t get me started on that little scamp!

Folks, the facts are looking squarely at us. Twitter is a sham used by the left to manipulate the news cycle and feed the ignorant masses what they want them (us) to digest.

Elon Musk is slowly unwrapping a giant gift box wrapped in shiny, pretty paper with a big bow on it, and all that is inside is socks. Probably used and the wrong size too.

We’ve been duped, and the only hope is once Musk finds out the stunningly large number of Twitter “users” that don’t actually live and breathe, he continues with his purchase and rebuilds this mess from the ground up.

Just like there are not 20 million real humans who choose to follow Biden, there’s no way that there are 1 million breathing people who follow Jemele Hill, as Twitter says. I’ll give her 400,000, with half following only for giggles.

Twitter is a scam. The followers, the retweets, the likes, the reaction, it’s all manufactured.

So about 10 million people willingly follow our President, Joe Biden. 10 million, in the entire world. Take that as you wish.

So could it be fairly assumed that if, on the largest, most influential social media platform in the world, our American President, the most popular Emperor to wear new clothes, only has 10 million followers in a country of 329 million, that perhaps he DIDN’T get the most votes in history?

Nah, that’s just a crazy right-wing conspiracy theory. Shame on me and shame on all of you for thinking it.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to check my Twitter feed for new bots, I mean followers.

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