St. Louis Lawyer Who Defended Against BLM Mob and Forced to Turn in His AR-15 Has Perfect Response

You may recall last summer shortly after the death of George Floyd hearing something about a lot of protests and riots spreading around the country.

Well, those protests also spread to St. Louis, where a mob of BLM demonstrators smashed through a locked gate and broke into private property to terrorize the residents.

Two of them — a pair of lawyers named Mark and Patricia McCloskey — weren’t about to allow their palatial showcase mansion to be overrun so they did what Missourians are allowed to do: They armed themselves and stood their ground.

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That act of 110-percent Americanism upset the Marxist, George Soros-backed St. Louis prosecutor, Kim Gardner, so she pressed felony “brandishment” charges against the couple. She then tried to fundraise off her prosecution of the McCloskeys, and was summarily removed from the case — a decision that was upheld by the Missouri Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, in the end, the McCloskeys pleaded out their case down to a misdemeanor and, as part of their punishment, they had to give up their guns. In Mark’s case, it was his AR-15 rifle, the one that no doubt kept the mob at bay last summer.

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How did he react? In a classic way.

The Epoch Times reports:

After he and his wife pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges, Mark McCloskey said late last week that local officials will confiscate the AR-15 that he was holding during the viral incident during Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrations last year.

In an interview with Newsmax, McCloskey said that he wanted to keep his AR-15 so he could either donate it or auction it off because it has “historical value.”

McCloskey said that he has other firearms and is planning to “go out and buy another AR-15” as soon as the court clears him and he’s no longer under indictment. 

Nothing screams “America!” more than, “I’ll just go get another AR-15 rifle” after the settling of a court case.

“We saved the city of St. Louis the expense of pursuing this nonsense, and then we’ll move forward,” McCloskey told Newsmax, going on to say that the charges were lowered to “a new crime which basically said I purposely placed other people in the apprehension of imminent physical harm.”

He has already filed to run for the Missouri Senate, as a Republican, by the way.

As for Gardner, she’s enjoying “Sorosbucks” apparently, according to the World Tribune, and not necessarily in a legal way:

Kim Gardner, the leftist St. Louis prosecutor who released all rioters without charges, and who pressed felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey who said they brandished firearms to defend their home against the violent leftist mob, received $77,804 from a Soros political action committee (PAC) for her re-election campaign.

Meanwhile, a KMOV News 4 investigation found that Gardner failed to report several trips she took that were funded in part by a Soros-linked organization.

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“It appears she has violated the law by not reporting the trips,” the report said. “Sources tell News 4 Gardner is a frequent flyer. At times during her tenure as prosecutor, sources say, she has often been gone from her office a couple of times every month, jetting around on someone else’s dime.”

It would be a shame if she is the one who winds up indicted and doing time, wouldn’t it?

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