Ted Cruz Sounds The Alarm On New Democrat Bill That Would Change America Forever

Politicians are prone to hyperbole, and anyone who has followed politics for longer than 10 minutes knows that.

But Republicans who are sounding the alarm on H.R. 1 and its companion bill in the Senate, S. 1, are not being melodramatic or resorting to exaggeration when they say this legislation will legitimately change how our country is governed for a generation, maybe more.

Per the Constitution, states are primarily responsible for governing elections, though our founding document also gives Congress authority to intervene. Historically, however, Congress (and the courts) have chosen to let states set their own rules and regulations as to how they will handle balloting.

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However, led by the party’s Marxist faction, Democrats now want to turn centuries of constitutional precedence on its head and give Congress more authority in deciding election law. Why? Because Democrats want to rig the game in all future elections much the way they rigged it in 2020.

And that’s not hyperbole; that’s fact.

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In a segment with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, a constitutional expert who has successfully argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court as Texas solicitor general, sounded warning klaxons that every American who is legitimately concerned about the future viability of the country should heed.

Essentially, Democrats want to rig the game so that they can rule (not govern, rule) in perpetuity.

Calling S.1 “the single most dangerous piece of legislation before the United States Congress,” Cruz told Hannity “there’s kind of two buckets of what the Democrats are trying to do.”

He adds:

One is bad policy. Things like massive new taxes, massive new spending, massive new regulations, all of those are going to hurt Americans all across the country. But there’s a second bucket that is really rigging the game, trying to change the rules so they never lose again.

And the crown jewel of the rigging-the-game proposals is the corrupt politicians act. Tomorrow in the Rules Committee in the Senate, we’re going to have a markup. I’ve got 46 amendments I’ve introduced that I’m going to force Democrats to vote on, one after the other after the other. Because you’re right, what this bill does, it’s a massive federal takeover of elections all across this country.

It strikes down almost every voter integrity law that’s ever been adopted in the states. So, for example, 29 states require voter ID. It’s a very reasonable common sense provision. The corrupt politicians act strikes all of those laws down. Thirty-one states prohibit vote harvesting, prohibited paid operatives collecting other people’s ballots and potentially stealing those votes. This bill strikes all of those provisions down.

This bill, the corrupt politicians act, would register millions of illegal aliens. It would register millions of criminals to vote because Democrats believe, and I think quite reasonably, that millions of illegal aliens and millions of criminals are likely to vote Democratic.

This bill turns the Federal Election Commission into a partisan weapon to fine, to prosecute, to sue Republicans. It gives Chuck Schumer a federal agency as an attack dog.

And not only that, this bill is welfare for politicians. It provides a federal match of six to one. If a candidate raises money for a campaign, the federal government matches at six to one, which would give hundreds of millions of dollars to politicians because, Sean, as you look at needy populations in America, it’s hard to think of a group more needing of federal funds than politicians. And, by the way, they can pay their own expenses out of this.

This is a — it is a massive Democratic power grab and it’s because the number one priority of Joe Biden, of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is to stay in power for a hundred years and to steal the rights of the voters to vote them out.

I am leading the fight against this. It is the single most dangerous thing in the Congress right now.

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So, what’s the good news? Is there any?

Yes. In order for this nightmare to come to fruition, Democrats will have to convince two of their own — Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin — to ditch the filibuster rule so they can pass legislation on a simple majority using Vice President Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker.

And so far, those two have said they’re not interested in ditching the filibuster.

So far.

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