Texas House committee Reports High Number of Illegal Immigrant Smuggler Pursuits Contributed to Slow Response to Uvalde Shooting

The absolute chaos stemming from the horrid Biden border policy extends beyond the obvious human and drug trafficking, the terrible crimes that those (mostly military-aged men, and many criminals from around the world) illegal immigrants will go on to commit, and most of all their tragic victims.

The chaos extends to communities far and wide, but especially to those that are subject to the effects of the unchecked illegal immigration the most.  The communities that lay in the pathway of the cartel smuggling routes can become so acclimated to the prevalent crime that they become lethargic in the familiarity of it all.  The lethargy can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences–ones not directly committed by the illegals themselves.

The tragic story of Uvalde and the slow response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Texas is just one example.  The unhinged leftist lunatic, known to the FBI, killed 19 children and two adults before the police were able to terminate him.  The event has seen an extraordinary amount of (deserved) criticism and scrutiny.

The state House in Texas conducted an investigation into the shooting and found that the sheer number of illegal immigrant related crime in Uvalde dulled the community’s senses and was a factor in the slow and confused response of the police, according to this report.

Uvalde is located just an hour from the Mexican border and serves as a hub for 5 highways–one from the south and four leading north, east, and west.  The specific illegal immigrant related crime that Uvalde is inundated with is “bailouts”.  The term bailouts is used to describe the event when a smuggler with human cargo is being chased by authorities and either crashes or stops, at which time all of the occupants in the vehicle scatter to evade the authorities.

The House report found that “the frequency of these ‘bailout’-related alarms — around 50 of them between February and May of 2022 — contributed to a diminished sense of vigilance about responding to security alerts.”

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Schools that were nearby such events would often be placed on lockdown, giving the school and authorities the sense, it was just another bailout related lockdown.  Nothing to be too concerned about, happens all the time.

What a terrible way to live in the United States of America…because of freaking Biden!

Robb Elementary school is located at the intersection of Highway 83 and Highway 90 and saw more than its share of lockdowns due to bailouts.

In fact, high speed chases of smugglers have become so common in Uvalde that parents will not let their children play outside and have even offered to hire police to assist the schools.

Uvalde CISD Director of Student Services Kenneth Mueller told the committee that since February 2021, which is just after President Joe Biden took office, high-speed chases had become a daily event in the area of Uvalde, which is home to about 15,000 people.

The alerts that teachers and administrators received directly to their phones did not distinguish between types of emergencies, and they received so many alerts that they began treating each succussing one with less urgency.

Another common occurrence was that school personnel would not even receive every alert due to poor Wi-Fi, or having their phones shut off, or even just not seeing the alerts.

The committee reported that, “in response to the May 24, 2022, lockdown alert at Robb Elementary, the initial reaction of many administrators, teachers, and law enforcement responders was that it likely was a less-dangerous bailout,”

The only villain the committee found in the tragedy was the shooter himself.  The committee recognized that some 376 law enforcement officers responded to the incident, but many were not even aware there was an active shooter and should not be blamed.  The officers that did know, however, should have done more.

The committee concluded that “we found systemic failures and egregious poor decision making. We recognize that that the impact of this tragedy is felt most profoundly by the people of Uvalde in ways we cannot fully comprehend.

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