That’s A Stretch! MSNBC Blames RONALD REAGAN For Atlanta Shootings

Democrats have been working overtime to spin last week’s horrific shooting spree in Atlanta into a mythical war on Asians. Their effort would seek to entice another important demographic group into finding refuge inside their party’s “big tent”, all so they can radically remake America to their liking.

Liberal politicians along with their activist mouthpieces in the media have sought to blame the rampage on Republicans, (including former President Donald J. Trump and his supporters) who continue to be demonized and smeared as domestic terrorists and extremists.

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Not content with blaming Trump, some Democrats are exploiting the shootings to launch more scurrilous attacks on another former president who put America first: Ronald Reagan.

It matters nothing to the talking heads at MSNBC that “The Gipper” passed away in 2004, he continues to be a target of their enduring illogical hatred. A stark example was on full display during a group discussion on PoliticsNation, the show hosted by the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Sharpton was joined by far-left LA Times columnist and social media influencer Kurt Bardella who accused Reagan of being a racist, while using that broad brush on the entire Trump-era Republican party.

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According to Bardella; “You know, Rev, we got here, in my opinion, in part, because of the Republican Party. This is a party – and this is well before Donald Trump ever arrived on the scene—you can go back to what used to be their standard bearer, Ronald Reagan. Reagan, who, in my opinion, was a racist, who used policies such as the war on drugs, welfare demonization, the term ‘welfare queens’, pandering to the Christian right to cater to the most extreme elements of the Republican party base and cloaked racism in public policy.”

He also accused Trump of promoting racism; “It’s no coincidence that when you look at where the Republican Party is today, now the racists are the face of the party. What Donald Trump did was he gave license and permission to those group of people that Reagan and other Republicans pandered to for so long to come out into the open with their racism and their rhetoric.”

Bardella then laid out the false narrative that Trump’s supporters are prone to murderous violence.

It’s no surprise that we’ve gone from extreme rhetoric to extreme acts of violence. They are linked; they are connected; and part of the solution is to start calling it out for what it is and to be aware and mindful of the context of how we got here, and it’s been going on for a very long time,” he said.

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But he wasn’t finished with his disgusting defamation of Reagan.

Republicans have shown for decades now that they have no desire, no interest, no will to take any meaningful action on immigration. They just see the issue of immigration as another frontier in their race war they’ve perpetrated on the rest of us. That’s all that this is for them. The code words, ‘border security’, ‘national security’, ‘amnesty’, those are code words for more racist policies that we’ve seen from them time and time again. It’s ironic that the last time there was an amnesty in this country, it was from their so-called hero, Ronald Reagan,” Bardella added. He seemingly felt no irony in the fact that the Democratic party has their own “dog whistle” racist terms like “white privilege” and “social justice” that are hammered constantly by media.

Bardella then kicked Reagan one more time for good measure.

For all the times you hear them quote Ronald Reagan, let’s be very clear, Ronald Reagan couldn’t get elected dog catcher in today’s Republican Party. There’s no place for someone like that in today’s Republican Party. It just shows how fringeworthy they are, how they cater to the bottom dwellers of their party, in a craven attempt to hold on to power. Because, as Brittany just said, they know that if we all show up, they will lose, we will win. That is driving every single decision they’re making right now, and that’s why they’re leading this race war on America,” he concluded.

It’s probably worth pointing out that Bardella served as an adviser for the disgraced Lincoln Project, the gaggle of longtime Beltway grifters. The group self-destructed after revelations that one of the group’s co-founders was a serial sexual predator who preyed on young males, including at least one who was underaged.

He was recently in the news after apologizing for tweeting out private direct messages between Lincoln Project co-founder Jennifer Horn and a reporter.

Maybe there’s some level that these people won’t stoop to, but it’s hard to see what that might be.