The Washington Post EATS CROW Over The Steele Dossier; Says They “Can No Longer Stand By The Accuracy” Of Story

The infamous “Steele Dossier” was used by the Democrats in order to spy on President Trump and make his Presidency a living hell.

Now, 10 months after he has left office, the radical socialists at the Washington Post are making “corrections” to their story. (A little too late, don’t you think?)

According to their new update, they have “corrected and removed parts of two stories”. This change comes after new revelations showed large portions of the Dossier were either debunked or originated from political insiders close to Hillary Clinton and other members of the Democrat Party.

“The Washington Post on Friday took the unusual step of correcting and removing large portions of two articles, published in March 2017 and February 2019, that had identified a Belarusian American businessman as a key source of the ‘Steele dossier,’ a collection of largely unverified reports that claimed the Russian government had compromising information about then-candidate Donald Trump,” they write.

“The newspaper’s executive editor, Sally Buzbee, said The Post could no longer stand by the accuracy of those elements of the story. It had identified businessman Sergei Millian as ‘Source D,’ the unnamed figure who passed on the most salacious allegation in the dossier to its principal author, former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele,” they add.

Read their full “correction” here…

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Sadly, no “reckoning” will be had because the Washington Post is backed up by the elite media and big money.

The only way they will ever be held accountable is if the American people start waking up by the millions. Americans must realize that outlets like the Washington Post will lie, cheat and steal to get their way.