Uncle Ted is hopping up in his big rig and joining the People’s Convoy. In a recent interview with Newsmax, rock star singer Ted Nugent stated that he will join the People’s Convoy which will consist of truckers and other patriots driving from California to Washington DC to protest against Biden and vaccine mandates.

Early in his interview with Newsmax, the singer to the hit song White Buffalo stated that he supports Canadian truckers protesting against vaccine mandates in Canada. He would go on to say that Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro Jr. and the truckers protesting his authoritarian overreach are the nest humanity has to offer.

The Daily Press had more details regarding Nugent’s interview:

Singer and activist Ted Nugent told Bolling, “I’ve got my truck, and I’m going to join these truckers,” and “I know these guys, I am these guys.”

“These guys stand up for the best in humanity,” said Nugent, who described himself as a “Motor City trucking guitar player, who’ll join the convoy in his zebra-striped Ford Bronco.

Nugent said he’s going to join the convoy and make sure that “the middle finger is on fire because good people support them, rotten people are against them — and old Fidel junior perfected that.”

On Feb. 23, an estimated 1,000 semi-truck drivers are anticipated to arrive in Adelanto, the official launching point of the “People’s Convoy” protesting Biden’s COVID-19 requirements. Although 1,000 truckers are expected to start the convoy in Adelanto over 100,000 are expected the join the convoy at some point in time as the convoy makes its way to DC.

The truckers plan to send the message that the “government has misplaced its role” and that its mask and immunization demands are unlawful from California to Washington, D.C.

The convoy, which follows previous protests in Ottawa, Canada, will urge politicians to rescind the national emergency proclamation in the COVID-19 epidemic and to stop violating Americans of “basic rights” by imposing mask and vaccine mandates, according to organizers.

The White House is fearful of the peaceful truckers and is erecting a fence, the Daily Mail had more details to add:

The fencing that surrounded the Capitol complex for much of 2021 will be reinstalled next week as Congress prepares to host President Joe Biden for his first State of the Union address on March 1.

U.S. Capitol Police are preparing for truckers protesting the mask and vaccine mandates as the ‘Freedom Convoy’ heads to Washington, D.C. after demonstrating in Canada for weeks and causing major blockades.

The protesters were able to block the Ambassador Bridge border crossing between Windsor and Detroit as they expressed their distaste with COVID-19 mandates related to mask wearing and compulsory vaccinations.

Now, Californians are planning to join an American protest dubbed ‘The People’s Convoy’ and head to Washington, D.C. this week.

When truckers finally arrives in DC it will be interesting to see how the Capitol Police respond and there are sure to be plenty of agent provocateurs present to give the truckers a bad name too.


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