Trump Allies Explore Purchase of Newsmax TV as Fox News Alternative

Conservatives and especially supporters of President Donald Trump grew frustrated at Fox News personalities during the 2020 election cycle for what appeared to be their increasingly hostile treatment of him and his supporters.

Fox News, after all, gained its chops and drew a very large conservative audience over the years since its humble beginnings in the mid-1990s as the alternative to the left-wing bias of every single other ‘mainstream’ media outlet.

The network’s popularity really grew after GOP-nominee and then President Trump made scores of appearances as a guest of the various hosts and personalities.

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All of that has changed now.

After the network’s hosts appear to have turned on the president and, by default, his supporters, there is a mad dash among conservatives to create an alternative, to give them another home.

And Republican investors may have settled on one: Newsmax TV.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday:

For nearly two years, allies of President Trump have been exploring ways to build up a formidable competitor to Fox News. One target they recently zeroed in on: the fledgling pro-Trump cable channel Newsmax TV.

Hicks Equity Partners, a private-equity firm with ties to a co-chair of the Republican National Committee, has held talks in recent months about acquiring and investing in Newsmax, according to people familiar with the matter, part of a larger effort that could also include a streaming-video service.

Newsmax’s viewership has risen sharply since Election Day, as it wins over viewers loyal to Mr. Trump who are frustrated that Fox News and other networks have declared Democrat Joe Biden the president-elect. Newsmax hosts have promoted Mr. Trump’s claims that the election was stolen. No evidence of significant fraud has emerged or been presented.

It is unclear whether Hicks Equity’s talks with Newsmax will move forward. The discussions show the belief among some investors and allies of Mr. Trump that there is room to mount a real challenge to Fox News, which has dominated the conservative media landscape for two decades.

There are additional alternatives as well, and they include The Blaze TV; One America News; the Bill O’Reilly-dominated network The First; and even Real America’s Voice.

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So, will one of these networks ‘replace’ Fox News? It’s hard to say at this point, but 

the bleeding of viewers has already begun.