Trump Calls For Investigation Into Joe Scarborough For Murder

On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump called for an investigation into MSNBC show host Joe Scarborough, asking if the host got “away with murder.”

“When will they open a Cold Case on the Psycho Joe Scarborough matter in Florida. Did he get away with murder? Some people think so,” President Trump tweeted.

“Why did he leave Congress so quietly and quickly? Isn’t it obvious? What’s happening now? A total nut job!” the President added.

He later added “ColdCaseJoe” while attaching a story.

Check out what the Daily Caller reported:

Trump was referring to the death of former aide to Scarborough, Lori Klausutis. She died at age 28 due to an apparent head injury, but her death has created many conspiracy theories.

The president has a history of referencing this theory, bringing it up earlier this month.

“‘Concast’ should open up a long overdue Florida Cold Case against Psycho Joe Scarborough,” Trump said in early May.

“I know him and Crazy Mika well, used them beautifully in the last Election, dumped them nicely, and will state on the record that he is ‘nuts’. Besides, bad ratings!”

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