Trump: Dems Want to Remove Lincoln and Washington’s Names from Schools, ‘It’s a Sickness’

Donald Trump is warning that Democrats want to remove statues representing some of the nation’s more important figures because of “politics.”

During an interview on Fox Nation with host Lawrence Jones, Trump said Democrats want to remove Abraham Lincoln’s and George Washington’s names from schools, too, calling it, “sickening.”

“Well let me get your comments on culture there is a lot going on in the culture. You were a culture warrior. A lot of things happening in the schools. We saw it in the colleges. We saw it on the university campuses. These are some of those private schools. Now making it from the high schools to elementary school. What is the conservative response to this anti-American sentiment, not teaching all of history. What could you say?” Lawrence asked.

“It’s the exact opposite it’s called 1776. It’s the exact opposite. We love our flag and country. We salute our country. We love our country and we honor our flag,” Trump began.

“And we honor our heroes. We honor George Washington. They’re taking George Washington’s name off of schools in San Francisco and different parts of the country. What’s going on?” Trump asked.

“It’s crazy. Abraham Lincoln. They want to take his name off three schools on the west coast. And I say what are these people thinking? It’s almost become, in my opinion, a sickness,” he said.

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At another point in the interview, Trump also trashed Joe Biden and Democrats over inflation crushing the economy.

Lawrence asked: “You think it’s out of control. Let’s talk about the economy. It’s fair to say the stock market is booming. The economy is booming. What I see and talk to businesses on the street. They say that they’re competing with the government. That there are paychecks being out there. And they cannot keep up. They can’t continue to increase their wages. What is your message to the small businesses that are out there? Because they feel forgotten right now.”

“So the stock market is doing well, but that also habits a little bit that can change very quickly because, inflation, is going to become terrible,” Trump said.

“When I left it was 1.87 a gallon for gasoline now it’s 3.50 and it’s going to go much, much higher. We were energy-independent. Another month or so at this rate we will not be energy independent. We are going to need Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, we are going to need all of this,” he said.

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“Lumber prices are through the roof. All the prices, meat prices, food prices. If you have inflation, we saw during Jimmy Carter’s reign, Jimmy Carter had inflation. The crime rate went to 22%. The economy crashed. They are going to have to be very careful,” he said.

“The economy is very fragile. You will have tremendous inflation. And if you have inflation, only bad things can happen,” he added.

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