Trump Endorsed Candidates Have Another Great Day.

August 2, 2022, saw primaries in the states of Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, and Arizona, that pitted President Trump endorsed candidates against establishment RINOS.

Spoiler alert:  President Trump endorsed candidates enjoyed some significant victories, including, it appears, Kari Lake over Pence endorsed Karrin Robson for the Republican nomination for Arizona Governor.

According to reports, RINOS are paying for their memberships in the uniparty and democrats are getting their wish of facing Trump endorsed candidates in November… because liberal prognosticators think Trump endorsees will be easier to defeat.  How did praying to face Trump work out for the Clinton team in 2016?  Do they ever learn?

In Michigan, Rep. Peter Meijer, R-MI was defeated in the 3rd Congressional District by Trump endorsed John Gibbs.  Meijer was one of the ten idiot republicans to vote for President Trump’s impeachment after the FBI-Antifa-BLM operation at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

In the Michigan gubernatorial race, last minute Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon beat a crowded field for the chance to face tyrant Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) in the November midterms.

Trump took to TruthSocial late last night to tout the wins, posting, “Fantastic night in Michigan! Tudor Dixon will be a great Governor. John Gibbs WON with a big surge in the end. Not a good time for Impeachers – 7 down, 3 to go! Thank you Michigan!

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In Kansas, Trump endorsed gubernatorial candidate Derek Schmidt, won the GOP nomination and will compete for the Governorship against incumbent Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly in November.

In Missouri, Trump epically endorsed “ERIC” for the GOP Senate nomination in a primary that saw two Erics running– Eric Schmitt and former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.  Eric Schmitt won the primary.

President Trump’s TruthSocial post:  “Won all of our Endorsed Races in Kansas and Missouri. Great going “Eric.” Big Night. Thank you!

The state of Arizona saw some big wins, and a dramatic come from behind victory in the Gubernatorial race.

In Arizona’s Senate primary, Trump endorsed Blake Masters took the win and will face “Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in a key battleground state race that may determine if the GOP wins back the Senate majority.”

President Trump posted his congratulations:  “Congratulations to Blake Masters on a Great Arizona Win!

One of the big races in Arizona was for the GOP bid for State Senate District 10, which pitted RINO Rusty Bowers against Trump endorsed David Farnsworth.  Farnsworth trounced the RINO Bowers who may now be regretting the work he did for the uniparty and testifying for the Unselect Committee.

President Trump posted to TruthSocial this morning:

“David Farnsworth trounced RINO Rusty Bowers in Arizona SD 10, 64% to 36%. It was a race that they said couldn’t be won, but it was, easily. People didn’t believe Rusty Bowers when he testified in front of the Unselect Committee. Congratulations David, great job!”

Perhaps the hottest, and closest, race in Arizona, was for the GOP Governorship nomination.  Trump endorsed Kari Lake against Pence backed RINO Karrin Robson.  The race saw Robson take an early lead, but election day reports saw many republican voters bring their mail-in ballots to election centers to turn in themselves, rather than trust the postal service.

The Kari Lake Warroom on Twitter claimed victory just four hours ago, posting to twitter:

President Trump has yet to post about Kari Lake, but the Arizona election page shows Kari in the lead over Robson 46.22% to 44.45%.

One of President Trump’s last post on TruthSocial this morning read:

Endorsements don’t get any more powerful or conclusive than the Endorsements of last night. I wonder if anyone will write or report that? Just asking?

Well, Sir, here you are!

This was another yuge step in reclaiming our Constitutional Republic from those within that would see us destroyed.  America, never sit down, never shut up, never give up, and above all else VOTE!

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