Trump Gets Endorsement From Supermajority Of Sheriffs In Key Battleground State

With Democrats and their media mouthpieces firmly on the side of violent leftist rioters who are running amok, it is clear that a vote for President Trump is a vote for law and order. 

Sheriffs in the key battleground state of Florida have now overwhelmingly come out in favor of Trump with over two-thirds of the Sunshine State's county sheriffs endorsing him on Friday. 


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During a visit to the Tampa Bay area, President Trump received the endorsement from a supermajority of Florida's sheriffs when 48 out of the state's 67 elected law enforcement officials threw their weight behind his reelection bid. 

Also, on Friday, Florida's largest police union also endorsed the POTUS when the Florida Police Benevolent Association announced that when it comes to a choice between Trump and Joe Biden then there is really only one choice for those who value law and order over lawlessness and anarchy. 

In an editorial published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Florida Police Benevolent Association president John Kazanjian wrote:

In less than 100 days, at a time when our nation is at critical crossroads, citizens from all across America will make their choice to elect the next President of the United States.

This upcoming election for president isn’t simply about electing a Democrat or a Republican, it’s about a fundamental choice about the kind of society we choose to live in and the future we desire for our families for generations to come. Every man, woman, and child in America has a fundamental right to live in communities that are safe and where men and women in law enforcement are respected for the personal sacrifices they make each and every day to keep the public safe. But sadly, you don’t have to look too far to see how quickly public safety all across this country has eroded because of the increasing attacks on the men and women in blue.


Now more than ever, law enforcement officers, our families, and our communities desperately need our next president to support and defend our rights and to support and defend law and order in every part of America. We need a president who will not allow the vast majority of our dedicated police officers to be demonized based upon the heinous acts committed by a few bad apples. We don’t demonize all doctors, nurses, and teachers when some of them break the law, but somehow it has become acceptable in our society to demonize all police officers everywhere whenever a few of them dishonor the 99% of us.

In order to maintain our fundamental right to live in a society that is both free and safe, Americans need to elect the one candidate for president who is committed to making our country safe and secure.  For the 30,000 men and women in the Florida Police Benevolent Association, the choice for us could not be clearer. President Donald J. Trump has never once wavered from his support of law enforcement officers, especially as we are faced with these unprecedented challenges. President Trump’s commitment to preserving law and order in America is our country’s last great hope to live in the kind of society where our communities thrive and our families prosper.

The Florida PBA has not made an endorsement for President of the United States in eight years. But with the existential threats to the safety of our members, the future of our families, and the security of our communities, we cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. And neither can our fellow Americans. Let’s keep America safe, re-elect President Donald J. Trump.

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The state and its jackpot of 29 electoral votes have been under an unrelenting assault by a coordinated Democrat-media propaganda campaign seeking to magnify and distort coronavirus death figures and positive test results in order to smear Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and turn voters against Trump. 

But the vast majority of the state's law enforcement professionals have the president's back.