Trump Hammers Journalist Who Asks About His Income Growth Since Running For President

President Donald Trump can't seem to escape the left-wing press considering he can't even go a weekend at the G7 summit in France without "journalists" trying to hammer him on anything and everything.

During a press conference at the summit, President Trump was asked by NBC journalist Hallie Jackson about the possibility that G7 Summit will be hosted at one of the President's properties next year. Jackson accused the President of potentially doing this so he can make more money.


"Oh here we go," President Trump said as he sensed something was coming.

"I actually have a question for you about next years G7 summit, but can I just clarified something you said. You mentioned earlier today..." Jackson started.

She was then cut off by the President, "No no no, one question."

Jackson continued: "On next years G7 you eluded today and dropped several hints about... hosting next years G7 summit at one of your properties. What reassurances if any can you give the American people that you are not looking to profit off the presidency."

President Trump fired back: "Well I'll tell you what, I've spent and I think I will in a combination of loss and opportunity, probably it will cost me anywhere between $3-$5 billion dollars to be president and the only thing I care about is this country."



This wasn't the only time during the press conference that left-wing reporters tried attacking President Trump.

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As President Donald Trump was walking off the stage at the G7 summit after the press conference, far-left CNN journalist Jim Acosta shouted at the President for not answering a question.

Acosta was clearly upset that President Trump didn't answer his question about climate change considering he shouted "You didn't answer the question, Mr. President," as President Trump walked off the stage.

Acosta quickly took to Twitter to complain about how the President ignored him as he was walking off of the stage.

"At the end of the news conference I asked Trump whether he believed in climate change. He walked away from the stage and didn’t answer the question.” Acosta whined on Twitter.

President Trump was clearly walking off the stage when Acosta started yelling. Acosta wasn't done complaining: "As this video shows, Trump walks away from perfectly capable of hearing the questions on whether he believes in climate change. He clearly heard and he didn’t want to answer it. Saying you want “clean air” and “clean water” isn’t the same as recognizing the climate change threat."

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