Trump Mocks Masked Biden: What The Hell Did He Spend Money On Plastic Surgery For?

President Trump paid a visit to another key battleground state on Tuesday where he tore into his Democrat opponent Joe Biden and ridiculed his appearances wearing a face mask. 

Both lunchpail Joe and running mate Kamala Harris have appeared wearing the masks, a strategy by the party to turn the election into a referendum on Trump's handling of the coronavirus. 


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Biden has called for a national forced masking mandate which is likely unconstitutional and in order to virtue signal, the former vice president often wears one which makes him look creepy and muffles his already garbled syntax. 

During a rally outside of Pittsburgh, Trump mocked Biden for the mask. 

Per Trump:

“He feels good about the mask, and that’s OK. Whatever makes you feel good,” 

“I mean, honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery for if he is going to cover it up?” 

Trump also pondered whether Biden would wear a mask during the upcoming debate. 

Via The Beaver County Times, "Trump touts Pennsylvania energy production for a receptive Pittsburgh crowd":

President Donald Trump hit all of his favorite notes during a rally before an adoring and enthusiastic audience at Pittsburgh International Airport on Tuesday.

Trump, speaking to several thousand supporters outside an Atlantic Aviation hangar, warned that Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden would ban fracking for natural gas and diminish America’s energy independence, even though Biden has repeatedly said he would not.

Thirteen months after he visited Shell Chemicals’ $6 billion ethane cracker plant in nearby Beaver County, Trump noted that trip and said a Biden administration would put Pennsylvania jobs at risk.

“They don’t want to have anything to do with energy,” said Trump, who spoke for nearly 90 minutes.


Trump again mocked Biden for wearing a mask, wondering aloud if the Democrat would wear one during their upcoming debate.

The president, accompanied by his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, warned the crowd about “fake” mail-in ballots in the upcoming election and encouraged his supporters to report any “shenanigans” they encounter.

Trump has repeatedly warned about mail-in balloting but has not cited any confirmed fraud.

Before departing Washington, D.C., for Pittsburgh, Trump said he would announce his U.S. Supreme Court pick on Saturday. During the rally, he jokingly asked the audience if anyone had a problem with him choosing a woman. 

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The president's trip to the Steel City comes as he tries to win Pennsylvania for the second election in a row after the state which was viewed as a part of the Democrat's impenetrable "blue wall" came tumbling down in 2016 and buried Hillary in the rubble. 

The patriotic crowd was treated to yet another of Trump's epic speeches while poor old low energy Joe can barely string together two days of campaigning in a row and faces a high stakes debate next week barring a convenient positive COVID-19 test. 

Check out President Trump's entire speech HERE

Other than the Philly metro area, Pennsylvania is definitely in play with the Keystone State having suffered for six months under some of the nation's harshest restrictive measures imposed by Democrat Governor Tom Wolf and voters will get a chance to voice their disapproval with the tyrannical regime by voting for Trump. 

The choice could not be clearer, freedom, or an indefinite period of forced masking under Harris-Biden. 


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