Trump Roars Into Commanding Lead In Key Midwestern State – Poll

With the election only three days away, the Democrats are starting to sweat as the poll numbers begin to reflect President Trump’s support. 

Just like in 2016 when nearly every polling organization and media outlet predicted that there would be a landslide for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden’s “overwhelming” poll numbers have been touted for months. 

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But just as with the “invincible” Mrs. Clinton, Biden may be in for a big surprise come election day, at least if the numbers from the key Midwestern state of Iowa provide an indication of what’s yet to come. 

According to a poll from the liberal Des Moines Register, Trump has now assumed a commanding lead in a state that has immense political importance as a bellwether and the results could be similar in other Midwestern states. 

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Via Politico, “Poll: Trump, Ernst lead in Iowa”:

President Donald Trump and Sen. Joni Ernst have opened up leads in their respective races in the battleground state of Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register’s final pre-election poll released Saturday.

Trump is leading Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the state by 7 percentage points, with 48 percent support from likely voters to Biden’s 41 percent.

The results show a jump in support for the president from September’s Iowa Poll, which showed the candidates tied at 47 percent.

The poll also shows incumbent Ernst with a 4-point advantage over Democrat Theresa Greenfield in the competitive Iowa race for U.S. Senate.

The Republican senator pulled ahead of Greenfield among likely Iowa voters, 46 to 42 percent, marking the first time Ernst has led Greenfield in the poll this year.

Greenfield and Ernst have largely polled evenly since the early summer, with last week’s Monmouth University poll showing both candidates supported by 47 percent of the state’s registered voters.

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Not only is Trump’s lead enough to leave Democrats screaming at the sky but Senator Joni Ernst’s lead could put a serious damper on their hopes at retaking the Senate. 

According to the Des Moines Register:

Trump carried Iowa by 9.4 percentage points in 2016, but his chances at a repeat 2020 win here appeared to be in doubt in recent polling. The June Iowa Poll showed Trump leading by just 1 percentage point before Biden climbed into the September tie.

Biden, though, does not appear to have given up on the state. He was in Des Moines Friday for a drive-in rally where he told voters: “I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do. In my administration, there will be no red states or blue states, just the United States of America.”

Trump was in Iowa earlier this month and has scheduled another rally in Dubuque on Sunday.

But the universe of persuadable voters is rapidly diminishing. Ninety-four percent of likely voters say their minds are made up, including 98% of Biden’s supporters and 95% of Trump’s supporters. Just 4% of likely voters say they could still be persuaded, and 2% say they have no first choice for president.

In fact, many of their votes have already been cast. As early and mail-in voting surges because of the pandemic, 51% of likely voters say they have already voted, surpassing previous milestones.

Among those who have already voted, Biden leads 55% to 32%. And among those who have yet to vote, Trump leads 64% to 28%. 

The poll results are also big trouble for a media that millions of Americans already dislike and distrust and if Iowa’s numbers are replicated in other states it will be all the more obvious that the media has been lying to the nation again. 

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