Trump Salutes Legendary 'Miracle On Ice' Olympic Hockey Heroes

President Trump saluted one of the most iconic bunch of heroes of the Cold War era when he honored members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team at a Las Vegas rally.

Nearly a decade before the Berlin Wall came down along with the Soviet Union, the team inspired America by striking a blow for freedom when it beat the heavily-favored Russian "red machine" 4-3 in Lake Placid, NY. 


It was one of the greatest moments in U.S. Olympic history, ranking right up there with the African-American sprinter Jesse Owens' humiliated Hitler and his racist regime by winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

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On Friday, 40 years after their historic feat, Trump honored 14 members of that team who were in Vegas to celebrate the anniversary of the American triumph known as 'the miracle on ice'. 

Via The New York Post, "Trump celebrates ‘Miracle on Ice’ Olympic heroes at Las Vegas rally":

President Donald Trump saluted members of the famed “Miracle on Ice” US Olympic hockey team during a Keep America Great rally Friday in a wide-ranging address in which he also attacked Democrats, the media and boasted at length about his former reality TV show.

“We are thrilled to have with us today 14 players from that gold-medal team. Give them a big hand,” Trump said in Las Vegas, where team members had gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their historic win over Russia on Saturday.

The president at one point called team captain Mike Eruzione to join him on the stage along with players Jim Craig, Bill Baker, Dave Christian, Ken Morrow, Jack O’Callahan, Mike Ramsey, Mark Wells, assistant coach Craig Patrick and the late coach Herb Brook’s daughter Kelly Brooks.

“Just tell them: am I a good athlete and am I a good golfer?” Trump asked Eruzione at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“You are. Yes, sir. Whatever you say,” Eruzione replied.

He then praised Brooks as a tough but great coach, prompting his daughter to reply: “My personal opinion, he would have been a Trump fan.”

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The amazing win over the formidable Soviet team is considered to have been one of the greatest upsets in sports history. 

The Russians were believed to be as invincible as Hillary Clinton was in 2016 but both were thumped by tenacious patriots who overcame the odds and who never lost faith.

Among those honored by the leader of the free world was goaltender Jim Craig and team captain Mike Eruzione who scored the winning goal to usher in a decade that would end with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. 

The win against Russia was in the semi-finals but now deceased coach Herb Brooks didn't allow a letdown in the final game for the gold medal. 

According to the legend, he refused to allow a letdown after the emotionally charged 'miracle on ice' game and in the dressing room after the second period told his team that  "If you lose this game, you'll take it to your f**king graves."

The team then overcame a 2-1 deficit to take the gold 4-2.

Coach Brooks' daughter spoke and said that her dad would have been a Trump fan were he still alive. 

Trump was in Vegas to hold a rally on the eve of the Democrat caucuses where there is a good chance that a naked communist in Bernie Sanders will walk away with a huge win that will move him a step closer to the unthinkable - transforming the USA into the old USSR. 

It is up to all patriots to prevent that from happening.