Trump Shreds Adam Schiff During Campaign Rally, Calls Him "Pencil Neck"

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During his "Keep America Great" rally in Toledo, Ohio on Thursday night, President Trump shredded far-left Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, calling him a "little pencil neck."


The President started by shredding congress for demanding that he gets their approval before he takes out any terrorists.

“Let me go over to Congress,” President Trump said while mocking the idea that he needed congress' approval before killing Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. “Come on over to the White House. Let’s talk about it. When can you make it? ‘Well, I won’t be able to make it today, sir. How about let’s say in a couple days?’ Oh, sure. Come on over.”

The President then directed his attention to Soleimani, saying that, “we had to make a decision.”

“We didn’t have time to call up Nancy, who is not operating with a full deck,” he said. “No, they want us to call — can you imagine? Calling crooked Adam Schiff. He is so crooked. So crooked. Shifty Schiff."

“Say Adam, how are you doing?” President Trump joked while pretending to have a conversation with the far-left congressman. “Listen, we have the world’s number one terrorist, killed thousands and thousands of people. We’d like to set up a meeting so we can discuss his execution. Would you be willing to meet? ‘Well, I won’t be able to make it this week.’ Well, you know, he’s traveling fast. We’ve got him lined up, Adam, you little pencil neck.”

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The crowd busted up with laughter as President Trump continued: “Nine inches. He buys the smallest shirt collar you can get and it’s loose. Now, come on, Adam. We’ve got to be faster. We’ve got him lined up. We’ve got to take this guy out. We are not going to have another shot at him maybe ever again. ‘But I can’t make it now because I’m trying to impeach Trump. I’m trying to impeach. Even though he did nothing wrong.'”

WATCH the clip below:

The President's comments come after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi whined about how she was not notified of the attack in advance.

On Thursday, the Speaker released a statement, demanding that she be briefed on the ongoing situation:

American leaders’ highest priority is to protect American lives and interests.  But we cannot put the lives of American servicemembers, diplomats and others further at risk by engaging in provocative and disproportionate actions.  Tonight’s airstrike risks provoking further dangerous escalation of violence.  America – and the world – cannot afford to have tensions escalate to the point of no return.

The Administration has conducted tonight’s strikes in Iraq targeting high-level Iranian military officials and killing Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani without an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against Iran.  Further, this action was taken without the consultation of the Congress.

The full Congress must be immediately briefed on this serious situation and on the next steps under consideration by the Administration, including the significant escalation of the deployment of additional troops to the region.

The comments from the speaker are quite ironic considering she has been running a hyper-partisan impeachment sham against President Trump without providing Republicans with key information including her failure to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

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