Trump Spokeswoman Delivers Scathing Comments On FBI Raid

According to Elizabeth Harrington, spokeswoman for former President Donald Trump, the FBI raid on his estate in Florida reveals that the entire justice system in the United States is in big, big trouble.

“It feels like a third world country,” Harrington went on to say during an interview on the “Just the News, Not Noise” television program. “It feels pretty evident that that’s what’s going on. We don’t have a real justice system anymore. We do not have equal justice under the law. This is a travesty for a great country, and this should never happen in America.”

According to Just the News, Harrington stated that the only offense that Trump is guilty of is getting under the skin of those in the political establishment.

“President Trump did nothing wrong,” she told cohosts John Solomon and Amanda Head during their conversation on the program. “And he hasn’t done anything wrong. The only thing he did wrong in the eyes of the corrupt establishment is dare challenge them and represent the people and give the people their voice back by throwing his hat in the ring.”

Harrington also explained that she doesn’t think the attacks against Trump are ever going to end. Not until they hit some sort of a tipping point.

“They will gin up fake investigation after fake investigation,” she stated during the show. “And now they’ve really crossed a line here that is so horrific for our country, that it could be a point of no return.”

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“This is not who America is,” Harrington added. “This is a corrupt, small group of people, I believe, a minority group of people who hate the United States of America, want to destroy us and want to stop the greatest populist political movement in American history — and they’ll do anything they can to stop it.”

“The people need to come together. I think you saw it last night. I mean, if they did this to … Brandon’s son — which there’s so much evidence actually to have a raid on Hunter Biden —do you think crowds would form out waving flags, you know, that we support, you? No. The people see what’s going on, they’re on President Trump’s side, and they still love this country — and you better believe President Trump does as well. And he’s not going to back down,” she added.

The spokeswoman then added, “They’ve tried every fake scheme — every fake investigation they’ve thrown at him, he’s only gotten stronger, our movement has only grown. And I think that’s happening here. I mean, the people that were outside Mar-a-Lago last night are examples of people coming to Trump’s defense. People understand what’s happening here, even if some in Washington still want to pull the wool over their eyes and not see what’s happened to our great country.”

Harrington then made a prediction that these witch hunts would ultimately backfire on the Democratic Party.

“I think that people are going to respond in a way that the people that are corruptly going after President Trump and his family … don’t expect, and I think they’re gonna have a rude awakening,” she remarked. “I think this could be a great revival for our country. And I think, like President Trump always says, the best can be yet to come.”

Harrington is right about the attacks probably not coming to an end. At least not any time soon. The radical left wants to pulverize Trump into non-existence in the public sphere, to so disgrace him that he has nothing left. No company, no money, no legacy.

Nothing but pure and utter destruction will do for these psychopaths. That’s the way they feel about anyone who disagrees with them and dares to express it publicly. Destruction is at the root of cancel culture as a whole. It’s what these folks live for.

What a sad, pathetic existence.

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