Trump Vows To Support Anyone With A Pulse Who Runs Against RINO Lisa Murkowski

Not only has President Trump had to battle the Democrats and resistance media during his first term but also enemies within his own party like Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski has been a constant thorn in Trump's side on every major high-profile issue from Obamacare where she joined bitter hater John McCain to stick it to millions of Americans to embarrass the POTUS to Kavanaugh to impeachment. 


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Now she appears to have finally gone a bridge too far by siding with disgruntled former employee James Mattis, the former defense secretary who parroted Democrat talking points with a tirade against his former boss. 

Trump has made it clear that he will actively campaign to oust Murkowski from the Senate when she is up for reelection in two years by voting to campaign for whoever runs against the treacherous RINO, the only qualification is if they have a pulse. 

The POTUS dropped a MOAB on Murkowski via Twitter.

  • Trump's message:
  • "Few people know where they'll be in two years from now, but I do, in the Great State of Alaska (which I love) campaigning against Senator Lisa Murkowski. She voted against HealthCare, Justice Kavanaugh, and much else..." the president tweeted Thursday evening. "Unrelated, I gave Alaska ANWR, major highways, and more. Get any candidate ready, good or bad, I don't care, I'm endorsing. If you have a pulse, I'm with you!"

Senator Murkowski joined fellow R.A.T. (Republicans Against Trump) Mitt Romney in showering praise upon "Mad Dog" Mattis who has become an attack dog for Democrats. 

Via The Associated Press, "Following Mattis: More in the GOP frown on Trump’s tone":

President Donald Trump’s inability to unify the nation at a time of grave unrest is testing his uneasy alliance with mainstream Republicans, some emboldened by Gen. James Mattis’ plea for a leader who lives up to the U.S. ideals of a more perfect union.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Thursday called the rebuke by Trump’s first Pentagon chief “necessary and overdue.”

“Perhaps we’re getting to the point where we can be more honest with the concerns that we might hold internally, and have the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” Murkowski said.

Murkowski’s remarks reflected the choice Republicans are forced to make about whether, and for how long, to support Trump when his words and actions so often conflict with their values and goals. Trump has responded to violence accompanying some protests following George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis by calling for more “law and order” to “dominate” even peaceful demonstrations. He has been slower and less forceful in addressing racial injustice and questions of police brutality that lie at the heart of the unrest.

Asked whether she can still support Trump, Murkowski replied: “I am struggling with it. I have struggled with it for a long time.”

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Given her history, it was highly unlikely that Murkowski was going to support Trump's reelection bid anyway but her grandstanding has earned her lots of love from a corrupt and biased media machine that is determined to influence the election. 

General Mattis has always been idolized by the establishment and even more so after he threw a hissy fit and resigned after President Trump refused his bloodthirsty demands to escalate in Syria. 

Mattis and fellow disgruntled employee and retired general John Kelly are slated to appear in a CNN town hall where they will continue to undermine the commander in chief. 

As for Murkowski? If Trump wins the election, she is toast.