Tucker Carlson Makes Brilliant Case For Ending The Shutdown

During his prime time show on Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made his case for ending the coronavirus shutdown and restarting the American economy.

“We’ve decided that offices are somehow more dangerous than supermarkets, far more dangerous, though no one has bothered to explain how. The result: by some estimates, more 17 million Americans are unemployed right now," Carlson explained. "That’s the highest number in the history of this country. A year from now, we should think about this. How will we feel about all this, about our decisions in the face of this pandemic? Is there a single person who sincerely expects the coronavirus itself will hurt more people in the end than the damage we’re causing in our response to it? Probably not. Mass unemployment is almost certain to cause far more harm — including physical harm — to the average family than this disease.”


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Carlson went on to compare the media's response to the virus to how tens of thousands have and will die from drug overdoses stemming from the economic fallout.

“Why is that?’ Carlson asked. “Well, you know why: it’s not their peer group. It doesn’t seem real. They’re not that interested. The same thing is going on now. If the coronavirus shutdown was crushing college administrators or non-profit executives or green energy lobbyists, it would have ended last week. Instead, it’s mainly service workers and small business owners who’ve been hurt, and they’re not on television talking about what they’ve been through.”

WATCH the clip below:

Carlson has challenged many people including Dr. Anthony Fauci on the coronavirus response.

During show last Friday, Carlson spoke out against Fauci, stating that he had been consistently wrong about the coronavirus outbreak in America.

"Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of the White House coronavirus task force which assists in crafting the U.S. response for combatting the virus," Newsweek reports.

Carlson did admit that Fauci was an "impressive person" however, "That doesn't mean he's never wrong. On the question of the pandemic, Fauci has been wrong repeatedly."

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Carlson referred to a January Newsmax interview with Fauci where the doctor said the coronavirus "is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about."

Fauci is now urging states to all enact stay at home orders.

"I don't understand why that's not happening," Fauci said Thursday during an interview with CNN. "If you look at what's going on in this country, I just don't understand why we're not doing that. We really should be."

"More than 10 million Americans have already lost their jobs," Carlson said. "Imagine another year of this. That would be national suicide, and yet, that is what Anthony Fauci is suggesting, at least."

Carlson continued by saying that Fauci was turning a blind eye to the economic devastation because he has "bulletproof job security."

High U.S. unemployment rates, according to Carlson, are "a far bigger disaster than the virus itself by any measure."

"Our response to coronavirus could turn this into a far poorer nation," Carlson said. "Poor countries are unhealthy countries, always and everywhere. In poor countries, people die of treatable diseases. In poor countries, people are far more vulnerable to obscure viruses, like the one we are fighting now. You want to keep Americans from dying before their time? Then don't impoverish them."

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