Tucker Rips Spineless Republicans For Push To Replace Columbus Day With ‘Juneteenth’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson absolutely obliterated two spineless Republicans who are pushing to give the Black Lives Matter group what they want

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During a segment on his program, Carlson torched Senate Republicans Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and James Lankford of Oklahoma for introducing a proposal to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth.

The proposal was introduced as an amendment to a bill from Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn, which called to make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

“In response to a bipartisan effort to give federal workers another day of paid leave by designating Juneteenth a federal holiday, we have offered a counterproposal that does not put us further in debt,” Johnson said in a statement Wednesday.

“We support celebrating emancipation with a federal holiday, but believe we should eliminate a current holiday in exchange. We chose Columbus Day as a holiday that is lightly celebrated, and least disruptive to Americans’ schedules.”

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Tucker was not happy about this nor did he buy the “excuse” from Republicans about why they were trying to appease Black Lives Matter.

“They describe themselves as conservatives, improbable as that may seem. On some level, they may suspect that all the yelling about Columbus Day and Juneteenth doesn’t really have much to do with emancipation or civil rights,” Carlson said.

“More likely, it’s just another way to humiliate and demoralize Americans. On some level, they know that, but they’re ignoring it. It’s just easier to do what the hysteria patients command unless of course their voters notice them doing it,” he added.

Carlson declared: “Even the media seemed oblivious to its existence. From 2012 through 2017, CNN did not mention the word Juneteenth a single time on the air. Barack Obama, who was the president, never tweeted about Juneteenth once during the entire span of his presidency. Not one time.”

“Juneteenth commemorates the freeing of the American slaves. Emancipation is one of the great moments in America’s history. It’s why we consider Abraham Lincoln a hero. But paradoxically, and this is odd, the people who are pushing Juneteenth on the country do not consider Abraham Lincoln a hero,” Carlson noted.

“They’re pulling down his statues along with Columbus. Confused? Well, that’s the nature of a hysteria outbreak. Nothing makes sense,” he added.


“Sens. Langford and Johnson are praying nothing like that will happen to them. They’re hoping to quietly eliminate Columbus Day and then move on to the next item on the rioters’ list of demands. Will they be able to do that? It all depends on whether or not you let them know that you noticed they’re trying to cancel Columbus Day,” Carlson continued.

“If you don’t say anything about it, there is no telling what Johnson and Langford might do next,” he added before describing some of the more radical proposals that are now emerging from the BLM-obsessed left,” Carlson said.

“Just the other day, for example, The New York Times ran a piece suggesting that we knock down George Washington’s statues and purge our country’s founder from our collective memory. Today the paper announced that we should consider closing Mt. Rushmore because of course racism,” he added.

“Sens. Johnson and Langford have not yet endorsed these ideas, but at this rate, it may not be long before they do. So the question is what other acts of revolution and cultural desecration can we expect from our suddenly woke republican senator friends? That’s a good question,” the Fox host concluded.

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