Tucker Carlson: Political Leaders Have Sided With The Mob

Few are better at cutting through the crap like a hot knife through butter than Tucker Carlson and he is calling out our "leaders" who have surrendered to the mob. 

In a monologue that was as blazing as fires set by rioters in Minneapolis, the Fox News host unloaded on feckless political officials who have ceded the streets to criminal mobs and who have betrayed Americans who play by the rules. 


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As the anarchy spreads throughout the nation's largest cities, political leaders have not only refused to put down the insurrection but in many cases, have blamed law-abiding citizens for bringing about the mayhem because of racism. 

With it becoming increasingly clear that the tragic death of George Floyd after a brutal encounter with rogue cops is merely an excuse for those who are determined to bring down the nation, Carlson unloaded with both barrels. 

According to Tucker: 

Here's a simple question: A police station in a major American city was occupied, looted and burned on Thursday night. Most of us assumed we’d never live to see something like that happen here. But it did happen.

So the question is, has anyone been arrested for doing it? Will anyone ever be arrested?

No one in authority seems especially interested in apprehending the people who did it. All of it happened on camera, but the perpetrators just walked away. And it’s, maybe likely, that most of them will never be punished for it.


We send money we’d rather give to our own children to politicians in faraway cities. With that money, they make new rules. We follow those rules to the letter. That’s what we were told to do as children. That’s the deal we’ve struck.

At least we thought it was.

Now we know that other people have somehow negotiated a far better deal than the one we have.

They get to ignore the rules. There don’t believe in order or fairness. They reject society itself.

Reason and process and precedent mean nothing to them. They use violence to get what they want immediately.

People like this don’t bother to work. They don’t volunteer or pay taxes to help other people. They live for themselves. They do exactly what they feel like doing. They say exactly what they feel like saying.

They spray paint their opinions on buildings.

On television, hour by hour, we watch these people — criminal mobs — destroy what the rest of us have built.

They have no right to do that. They don’t contribute to the common good. They never have.

Yet suddenly, they seem to have all the power.

This is hardly the first time this has happened in America. Spasms of destructive violence are a recurring feature of our history — of every country’s history.

The ideologues will tell you that the problem is race relations, or capitalism, or police brutality, or global warming. But only on the surface.

The real cause is deeper than that and it’s far darker.

What you’re watching is the ancient battle between those who have a stake in society, and would like to preserve it, and those who don’t, and seek to destroy it.


The rioters in Minneapolis and in other places act as if they’re allowed to loot and burn.

In fact, they are allowed. No one stops them.

The authorities don’t arrest them. Instead, they pander to them, flatter them, desperately try to win their love.

Why are masked lunatics setting fire to Wendy’s? Because the rest of us are sinful.

That’s what our leaders tell us. The crimes of the mob are the punishment we deserve. That’s their argument. Many seem to buy it.

On a White House executive staff call just this morning, key domestic policy advisors Brooke Rollins and Ja’Ron Smith argued that it would seem racist to say anything about the rioting in Minneapolis. Better just to let it happen. So that’s what they are doing.

We should have seen this coming.

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When you express an opinion our leaders don’t like, they call it violence. When criminals commit acts of actual violence, they call it speech. In other words, the game is rigged.

So why are the rest of us still playing it? We have more power than we think we do. Our system only functions because dutiful normal people — people with self-control and decency, and a sense of responsibility toward others — created our system.

They sustain it. They pay the bills. None of the thugs looting Target, or the well-paid nihilists on television who are egging them on, have added a thing. Nothing.

Yet all of the destroyers expect this arrangement will last forever. For them, it’s been a very good deal. But what exactly are you getting in return for your contributions to this system?

The authorities clearly don’t care about you. The police won’t show up to save your life. Literally.

During election years, sweaty politicians claim to be on your side. It’s a lie. They’re not. They’ll waste your time with hollow posturing. They’ll feed you pointless symbolic victories and expect you to celebrate, like you’ve actually won something. But when the mob comes, they’re gone. You’re on your own.

Very well put because unfortunately, the streets are now owned by thug armies seeking to impose their cruelty upon those who have played by the rules - and none of the so-called "leaders" are doing a damn thing to stop them.