Tucker Scorches Obama For Hijacking Funeral Of Civil Rights Icon John Lewis

Tucker Carlson's recent hot streak continues and this week he took a flamethrower to former President Barack Obama who he roasted as a "greasy politician" and as one of the "most ruthless and cynical figures in American politics." 

Carlson was referring to Obama's despicable speech at the funeral of the deceased Democrat Rep. John Lewis where Dear Leader sunk to new depths in the sort of sick race-baiting demagoguery that has long been his trademark. 


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During Obama's bitter diatribe, he called for the elimination of the "racist" filibuster which he referred to as a "Jim Crow relic," lobbied for statehood status for Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. to pack the Senate and promoted conspiracy theories that the black vote will be suppressed in November.  

Obama also compared President Trump to former Alabama governor George Wallace.

Tucker was having none of it and called Obama out for his crass hijacking of the civil rights icon's memorial service to promote his divisive message a time when the nation is burning. 

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

After two months of rioting and political chaos, there are still people who claim this is all about the death of George Floyd. Some of the people who say that may actually believe it. The liberal mom who lives next door, for example. She’s probably entirely sincere when she lectures you about the scourge of police brutality. She has no idea BLM is about anything else. That’s not surprising. Most Americans are nice people. They’re literal and ingenuous. They tend to take claims at face value. They want to think the best. But in this case, they’re wrong. None of what you’re watching is about civil rights. Violence and race-baiting are the enemies of civil rights. 

What you’re watching is a power grab. It’s being coordinated by the most ruthless and cynical figures in American politics. They don’t want you to know that. They’re not honorable enough to state their intentions. They’re not like you. When normal people want something, they can be aggressive. The professional left is invariably passive-aggressive. Their first instinct is to manipulate, rather than persuade. The hide their real beliefs. They lie. They say precisely opposite of what they mean. They accuse you of the crimes they themselves committing. It’s bewildering. Arguing with them is pointless. They’re nihilists. They don’t believe in the existence of truth, or in the fixed meaning of words. They care only about power. 

It’s painful to admit there are people in our country like this, but there are. As if you needed more evidence, Barack Obama showed up at Congressman John Lewis’ funeral today. Obama claimed to be eulogizing his old friend. But he didn’t. Instead he gave a divisive and dishonest campaign speech. Here’s part of what Obama said:

OBAMA: By ending some of the partisan gerrymandering so that all voters have the power to choose their politicians, not the other way around. And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster.  Another Jim Crow relic. In order to secure the God given rights of every American. And that's what we should do.

It’s hard to believe that clip is real. Imagine if some greasy politician showed up at your loved one’s funeral and started throwing around stupid partisan talking points about senate procedure. You’d be shocked. You’d probably walk out. Desecrating a funeral with campaign slogans? What kind of person would do that? But Democrats in the audience didn’t seem offended by it. They cheered. It seemed normal to them. Political power is their religion. 

People who will politicize a funeral will do anything. They’re trying to. Democrats are working systematically to dismantle the core institutions of American life. They’ve begun by subverting the justice system — nullifying laws, burning police stations, attacking courthouses, and working to eliminate the legal equality of citizens. They’ve repurposed federal law enforcement agencies as political weapons. They’ve imprisoned political opponents. Their leaders have called for packing the Supreme Court, packing the United States senate, and packing the electorate itself, by importing tens of millions of new voters. Why are they doing all of this? Not to make the country better or more just. But to insure they have complete control of it. We’re watching it happen right now.

How should the rest of us respond? And by “rest of us,” let’s be clear that we’re not just talking about conservatives, but literally everyone else: moderates; the politically non-aligned; traditional liberals who still care about civil liberties; sincere religious people of all faiths; immigrants from abroad who came to this country because of our bill of rights, only to watch it evaporate once they arrived. Everyone who fundamentally loves the country, which is most Americans. What do  people like this do in the face of the revolution? Simple: Defend the system. The American system is flawed, but it works, better than any other in history. Tearing it down will benefit only a few. It will crush millions. 

If you care about the country, fight for its institutions. We’ve survived almost 250 years. Let’s keep going. The president this morning vented his frustrations on twitter about potential voter fraud. Quote: "With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA.” That’s all likely true, unfortunately. Then the president ended this way, quote: “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???"

Delay the election. That won’t happen. And at this point, it’s unwise to suggest it. Too much is in flux already. That’s by design. A bewildered population can’t fight back. Our job is to defend what we already have as a country, and to promote the continuation of it. Keeping things the same has never been more important. 

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Carlson also referred to Obama as "one of the sleaziest and most dishonest figures in the history of American politics" which pretty much sums up the narcissistic racial arsonist who is largely responsible for the current state of racial animosity.