Tucker Unleashes on Kamala: Says Guatemalans Know What Corruption Looks Like Because They Live In It

Kamala Harris’ overseas trip is going about as badly as most expected — and Fox News host Tucker Carlson is ripping her to pieces over it.

During a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, he noted how Harris arrived in Guatemala and was met with protesters and heckled with signs that said “Trump won” and “Kamala go home.”

Tucker said Guatemalans know what corruption looks like — referring to Harris — because they live in a corrupt system in their own country.

“In addition to everything else, she’s a mom now. You didn’t know that. Most of the point, really — of the theme is she is a person of color. When a person of color goes to Latin America to be around other people of color, it’s a love match,” Carlson said.

“They are going to love Kamala Harris in Latin America. It is obvious, that’s how our credential class thinks. People of color love people of color. Unfortunately for Kamala Harris, that’s not how Latin Americans think. Latin America is not America. Latin America is the traditional society. People in Latin America are still allowed to say obvious things,” he added.

“If they haven’t been trained by their leaders to censor their unapproved thoughts. Sometimes they go ahead and order them as Kamala Harris found out yesterday when she arrived in Guatemala. Her motorcade was mobbed by protesters not trying to get her autograph or buy or superhero books, but telling her to get out of their country,” Tucker said.

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“Go home read one placard, another sign read, kabbalah, Trump won to a certain kind of liberal, this was shocking. They shouldn’t of been chopped. Guatemalans know what political corruption look like because they live in a politically corrupt system. If they saw the presidential election wasn’t exactly on that level, because it wasn’t,” he continued.

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“All of the powerful people in the U.S. From one side, Joe Biden’s side. They trusted the outcome less. And they said it. By the way, this may hurt most of all, MSNBC is going to have a lot of trouble dejected and this, but it’s true. At some Guatemalans actually support Donald Trump. That doesn’t talk to people who been paying attention,” he said.

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“What is your average Guatemalan have more in common with? Let’s be honest. Kemal Harris or Donald Trump? Come on, it’s not even close. Among other things, Latin America to the state is patriarchy. Gender-bending postmodern feminism doesn’t make sense either. It’s totally confusing to your average person,” he said.

He concluded: “They think it’s absurd, and their right, it is. So in Guatemala, it’s pretty hard to sell Kamala Harris as a god. Kemal Harris is looking to be treated like a god, she ought to go to London or a place where people hate themselves on their own culture. Such as work in Central America.”

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