Trump’s Onslaught Of New Years Tweets Tells You Everything You Need To Know About His Path Forward

President Trump’s onslaught of New Years tweets makes one thing undeniably clear:

He’s not going anywhere.

All day, President Trump has been energizing his base to stand strong in the fight against the corrupt election that took place on November 3rd.

This morning, he sent out a generic “Happy New Year” tweet that got over 500k likes:

After that, Trump rolled out the “good stuff”.

In essence, Trump’s tweets prove that he’s fighting this phony election until the very end.

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Two hours after wishing the world a “Happy New Year”, Trump shared this video report from OAN that alleges BALLOT TAMPERING in Georgia. This video already has over 2.6 million views:

After that, President Trump called on his supporters to attend the huge “March For Trump” rally on January 6th at 11am:

He also followed up with a tweet saying “Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th. We won, BIG!”:

Stay tuned for more breaking news updates in the coming tumultuous week.

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