DOUBLE STANDARD: Here Are FIVE Fake-News Stories That Twitter Refuses To 'Fact Check'

By now, most conservatives are well aware that the social media behemoths – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook-owned Instagram – are all biased against them because they’re owned and operated by far-left ‘anti-capitalist’ billionaire hypocrites.

That said, it’s vital we remain vigilant and continue to expose these platforms as havens of misinformation simply because they are so pervasive.


To that end, Matt Margolis over at PJ Media is doing a bang-up job. In a post on Friday, he detailed the five biggest lies and instances of fake news perpetuation the social media giants continue to push in their never-ending effort to defeat President Donald Trump and punish his supporters.

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Readers likely already know how Twitter and Facebook moved to censor or otherwise suppress distribution of the New York Post’s bombshell allegations against the “Biden Crime Family,” as presidential lawyer and former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani refers to Joe, James, Hunter, and Sara Biden.

The story was solid in that it did not rely on fictional “anonymous sources” to pass on highly dubious claims. You can read the latest here.

But other stories published by the garbage media elitists in the Washington-New York City corridor that drive the nation’s news cycles are passed along freely and purposefully on those same social media platforms, even when they’ve been determined to be false

For instance, as Margolis notes:

The Charlottesville Lie: President Trump has repeatedly – and falsely -- been labeled a racist, white supremacist-supporting bigot for allegedly saying there were ‘fine people on both sides’ of an Antifa-White Supremacist rally-counter-rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. 

He never said that. He did say immediately afterward is that he wasn't speaking about "the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally." 

And yet, the blatant lie, uttered (again) recently by Joe Biden via social media, doesn’t get censored or even fact-checked for inaccuracy. 

Phony Russian Bounty Story: The New York Times claimed in June Russia was offering Taliban fighters a monetary bounty for any American soldier killed in Afghanistan. U.S. military and intelligence officials quickly refuted the claim, but social media giants continue to allow the lie to perpetuate.

Trump smears the troops (The Atlantic fiction): Recall that The Atlantic published anonymously sourced claims last month Trump called American military personnel “suckers” and “losers” during a 2018 trip to Paris. More than a dozen witnesses who were with the president in France denies he ever said any such thing.

President Trump’s tax returns: One of Twitter’s ‘reasons’ for blocking access to the NY Post story was a claim that the materials might have been “hacked” (they weren’t; the Post was clear the materials came from a hard drive). But the platform had no trouble allowing people to post and share the bogus Trump tax returns story published by the NY Times.

“The tax returns may not have been acquired via hacking, but they were indisputably leaked illegally. But the story wasn’t suppressed or censored by social media. The story was allowed to spread like wildfire largely due to the false claim that Trump had only paid $750 in taxes in 2017," Margolis wrote.

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Trump-Russia collusion: This claim, this patently false narrative, has been debunked after several congressional and Justice Department investigations – but Twitter refuses to place ‘warnings’ on stories that still make the claim (Hillary Clinton came up with this hoax, according to recently declassified materials) like it ‘warns’ users about the Post story and follow-ups.

Face it: Conservatives need to simply abandon these propaganda platforms. We’re never going to get a fair shake on them.


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