Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.9%, The Same As When Obama Was Re-Elected (WITHOUT A Pandemic)

On Friday morning, it was reported that the U.S. economy added a whopping 661,000 jobs in September.

This job surge helped bring the unemployment rate down to 7.9%. While this is still high compared to where we were before the Chinese virus hit our shores, Breitbart’s Joel Pollack points out that this is actually exactly where it was when Obama was re-elected.

Read more from Pollack’s excellent observation:

This rate matches the same rate in the last jobs report before President Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012.

In 2012, the unemployment rate was closely watched as a potential political barometer. No president had ever won re-election with unemployment at 7.2% or higher.

Just over a year before, in 2011, the unemployment rate had hovered around 9% — far higher than the 8% that Obama administration economists had predicted when they argued for the 2009 stimulus.

But despite the slow recovery, the unemployment rate ticked steadily downward, and eventually broke through the 8% barrier, making that all-important numeral “seven” the first digit.

The media offered a rosy outlook: “Even at 7.9%, mostly good news for Obama,” the USA Todayreported.

Isn’t it interesting how the media can report the same number but have a different outlook, based solely on WHO the President is?

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