Unhinged Lunatic Keith Olberman Swats Down Mitt Romney's Weak Criticism

Last week Mitt Romney released a statement decrying the toxic political climate in the U.S. that was just another thinly-veiled attack on President Trump. 

The failed Republican presidential candidate blasted the "vile, vituperative, hate-filled morass" that has replaced respectful political discourse since Trump pulled off his huge upset in 2016.


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While ignoring the role of his own Never Trump compatriots such as the loathsome Rick Wilson in poisoning the well, he did take a shot at former MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann, a foaming at the mouth whack job who clearly needs professional help. 

Romney's weak shot at Olbermann was quickly met with a retort from KO himself who mocked Pierre Delecto and shredded any hopes that the Utah senator's attacks on Trump have earned him the approval of the left that he desperately craves. 

Via The Hill, "Olbermann dismisses Romney criticism on 'vile' rhetoric: 'Both-sideism in the face of evil'":

Keith Olbermann dismissed Sen. Mitt Romney's criticism that he is contributing to a "hate-filled morass" of political rhetoric in the country, with the former MSNBC and ESPN anchor accusing the Utah Republican of not standing up to "evil" in President Trump

"The country is metaphorically ablaze and you are yelling at those of us trying to warn people and put out the fire by complaining that we have trampled the imaginary tulip garden of friendly American political discourse that still exists only in your own head," Olbermann said on his YouTube program, which has about 43,000 subscribers. "Silence or both-sideism in the face of evil is the same thing as conducting the evil yourself, senator."

"Trump is there because you and the other 'good Americans’ have let him stay there," he continued. "If you have complaints about the state of political discourse in this country, senator, take it up with the terrorist in chief, or with your mirror."

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Olbermann who recently quit his job at ESPN just launched a new anti-Trump political show that seems to be a desperate cry for help.

With ESPN’s ratings in a death spiral due to the network’s addiction to “woke” politics over sports and amidst reports of mass layoffs in Bristol, Olbermann kicked off his new YouTube show with a bang by calling for the prosecution of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Attorney General Bill Barr, and President Trump who he accused of being a terrorist.

Olbermann’s new venture was greeted with high praise from fellow resistance travelers who could be on the verge of the greatest collective psychotic breakdown in human history if Trump wins reelection.

KO’s new show is called ‘The Worst Person in the World,’” an accurate description of what stares back in him from his mirror every morning and he quickly proved that he as bat guano crazy as ever.

Olbermann is picking up right where he left off from his old internet show for GQ where he slinked off after losing MSNBC’s top time slot to conspiracy queen Rachel Maddow who while also whacko is nowhere near as abrasive and difficult to work with as the man who has left a trail of fractured relationships in his wake.

While it will probably never be known but did someone at GQ finally get the idea that this guy was a basket case and was deteriorating daily under their banner?

At the rate that Olbermann was going, it was probably only a matter of time until he either blew his own brains out while live-streaming or took out everyone in the studio before sticking the gun into his own big mouth. What would the legal ramifications for that be? How inexorably trashed would the brand name be and what would be the liability if he didn’t go out alone?

Perhaps all of these questions were asked by the suits at GQ and if so, they may have wisely decided to simply cut their losses and get out cheaply while they still could.

That day when he finally snaps for good could be coming soon and it's likely going to be extremely ugly. 



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