UNITY?? Dem Rep Says Trump Should Be ‘Perp-Walked to Jail’ Like ‘Black Folks’ Have Been

Democrats claim they want unity, but everything they are doing and saying is the exact opposite of that.

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During an interview Sirius XM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” Georgia Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson said President Donald Trump and anyone who supported him should be “perp-walked to the jail.”

Obeidallah said, “It would be so detrimental to our party that for the sake of unity, which doesn’t exist, that the Biden administration or leadership would say, ‘Well, Trump did some bad things but look forward.’ I just want to convey that to you congressman because when I speak to the base here, it would be so destructive to our party if that is the way we go.”

Johnson’s reply was the opposite of what someone would say if they truly wanted to unite the country.

Instead, he apparently wants to jail Trump and his supporters.

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“You can’t let this behavior slide, you can’t ignore it and hope that it’s not going to happen again. You see what’s shaping up for the future with guys like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz who are looking to turn the Trump Republican Party into the Trump Republican party on steroids. And Donald Trump has already done a good job of turning this Republican Party into something we have dreamed of before. If you let one of those guys in, they are already showing you they are willing to take it to the next level,” Johnson said.

He continued, “We have got to make sure that those who come after Donald Trump know that they will not be allowed to get away with what Donald Trump did, that they will be held accountable. They will be treated, yes, like Negroes. They will be perp-walked to the jail, hands handcuffed not in front of them but behind them. They will be booked, fingerprinted, have to make bond, and have to hire a lawyer just like everyone else and go through the system.”

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“The system feasts on Black folks, but for once, it needs to turn its attention to what this man has done to turn our country into something that we just don’t need to let it get to. He is infecting everyone,” he said.

Johnson added: “He can’t be allowed to get away with it because if we allow him to get away with it, there will be others who try to do the same thing, and we don’t even what them to think about trying to do what Trump has done.”


For a party claiming to want unity, Democrats can’t seem to talk about anything other than jailing President Trump and punishing anyone who dares to support the president.

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