UPDATE: This Is How President Trump’s Favorability Compares to 2020 Democrats

According to the most recent Monmouth poll, President Donald Trump has a higher favorability rating than every prominent Democratic presidential primary candidate.

These numbers are quite shocking considering the congressional Democrats along with the left-wing media are doing everything in their power to advance the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Check out the polling numbers below provided by Breitbart:

Favorable / Unfavorable

Donald Trump: 44 / 54 percent

Quid Pro Joe Biden: 43 / 50 percent

Bernie “The Fossil” Sanders: 41 / 54 percent

Cherokee Princess Elizabeth Warren: 42 / 44 percent

Dingbat Kamala Harris: 27 / 46 percent

Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg: 27 / 34 percent

One of the most shocking aspects of this report was how the President’s favorability has actually improved since September when the poll was last taken. President Trump’s favorability is still climbing despite the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

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Check out what Breitbart had to say:

If that is not interesting enough for you, since this poll was taken in late September, Trump’s numbers have improved… Previously, he was at 43 percent favorable, 56 percent unfavorable.

And guess whose numbers got worse, and I mean a whole lot worse… Yep, Slow Joe Biden’s… Which, once again, proves that the Ukrainian torpedoes aimed at the Bad Orange Man went off course and nailed Old Joe.

In September, before we learned how Joe and his son Hunter looted at least two foreign countries, Joe sat at 46 percent favorable, 45 percent unfavorable. That’s a loss of eight net points while Trump gained three points.

Granted, Trump is more upside-down than Biden, but only by three points (10 to 7), which is well within the margin of error. Buttigieg is also upside down by seven points, while Bernie is buried by 13 points and Kamala by 19 points — which is an accurate reflection of just how awful she is.

This isn’t the only recent poll that shows strong support for President Trump. According to a new poll released by the New York Times, President Trump is in a statistical tie with former Vice President Joe Biden and is beating Senator Elizabeth Warren in the majority of battleground states.

Democratic strategists say that the poll is “terrifying” because it shows that the President is favorable with likely voters in states such as North Carolina and Michigan. He is also barely behind Biden in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida which should be very worrisome for Democrats.

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