Watch: Utah’s RINO Governor Skewered by Tucker Carlson

Utah’s RINO Governor might be the worst Republican governor in the country; unlike Larry Hogan, who can at least excuse his RINO tendencies by saying that Maryland is a purple state, Cox has no excuse for bowing down to the left time and time again.

Yet that’s exactly what he does. On issue after issue, from this culture war activity to that, he can’t be trusted to advance a conservative agenda.

Well, he paid for that cowardice the other night, when Fox News host Tucker Carlson tore him to shreds over his refusal to stand up for the conservative values that he was elected to protect and champion.

Watch him here:

As you can hear in the video, Tucker began for slamming Utah under Governor Cox as acting far more like a deep blue state than a red one, saying:

When you think of American states that have fallen right off the ledge into the deep end of vacuous lifestyle liberalism, and we do think of them from time to time, you probably think of Vermont. Vermont’s a place that banned fracking, despite the fact it has not a single oil or gas well in the state. Or maybe you think of Massachusetts, where virtually all human pleasure has been banned for decades, if not centuries, and of course, you think of California. California, a place where one city is now paying people to be transgender. All of these are famously liberal places, so you’re not surprised.

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[…]In the last presidential election, Donald Trump took nearly 60% of the vote in Utah. So, Utah is definitely not California and yet some of its most prominent politicians would very much like to change that. If you don’t believe it, watch them talk some time. They sound like they’re running for city council in Santa Monica. That doesn’t make sense. Talk about a misalignment, a highly conservative state with extremely liberal leaders. How did that happen?

Then, after blaming Cox’s cowardice on “corporate influence and corrupt party leadership,” he contrasted that RINO with the ever-conservative Ron DeSantis and hit him for creepily giving his pronouns to a young girl:

So, Ron DeSantis has to earn every vote and he does that by representing his constituents. It tells you a lot. Meanwhile, bright red Utah is now led by a cut-rate Gavin Newsom imitator called Spencer Cox. Spencer Cox is a former telecom executive who always seems like he’s auditioning for the title of “America’s guiltiest White guy.” He’s beyond belief. In one virtual town hall with high school students last year in which Spencer Cox announced his preferred pronouns to a young girl in the audience.

Then, giving another example of Cox’s cowardice, Tucker describes his record on racial issues, explaining how Cox has abandoned his conservative voters and the white citizens of Utah to the DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) crowd and providing a call where Cox defended the DEI practice of excluding whites.

In the call, a citizen asked Cox about the exclusion of whites, saying “The Utah Jazz is excluding White children from consideration for their scholarship program. Do you think this is racist and what will you do to prevent the Utah Jazz from acting in this racist manner?

And what did Cox say? That excluding whites isn’t racist! In his words: “Well, I don’t think it’s racist. In fact, I think it’s in response to, unfortunately, some very difficult and racist injustices that have happened in our community for a long time.

Injustices in Utah? Really? It wasn’t exactly Mississippi and, even if it were, why is so-called “reverse racism” acceptable? Because Cox is too much of a coward to stand up to the DEI crowd, apparently.

Tucker, hammering him for that response, said:

So, here’s this moist, little guy sitting alone in his gilded room with a mask on, telling us it’s not racist to exclude people from a scholarship based on their race. Does anyone else in Utah believe this? We’d like to meet them. There can’t be many of them. Most people in Utah have more sense than that. Racism was when you hurt people based on their skin color, right? Right.

Tucker is right. Utahans aren’t as crazy as Cox, though they need to wake up to who they elected and start fighting for their rights rather than accepting the weak-kneed and completely spineless “leadership” of the RINO they currently have in charge.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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