Vernon Jones Goes Nuclear On MSNBC Hack For Asking If Trump Is Paying Him For His Support

During an interview on Wednesday, Georgia Democratic State Rep. Vernon Jones unloaded on MSNBC host Craig Melvin for suggesting that President Trump was paying Jones for his support.

“Are you a paid campaign surrogate?” Melvin questioned. “Are you being compensated?”


“Let me be clear. You get paid to shape a liberal narrative. You get paid to attack this president,” Jones shot back. “I don’t get a dime for this president. I don’t get a dime from the campaign. Everything I’ve done has been me and based on my principles.”

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“And see, that’s the problem, when an African American that’s an [elected official]–” Jones said right before Melvin interrupted him.

“Sir, I did not raise your race,” Melvin said.

“Let me finish now,” Jones said. “Let me finish.”

“No, no, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Melvin said, interrupting again. “You’re not going to imply that I asked that question because you’re black.”

“You don’t ask Stacey Abrams if she’s getting paid from the Left,” Jones unloaded. “So don’t ask me that. You only ask me that because I don’t fit your narrative. You know, this president has never offered me anything. I don’t want anything from this president. It’s what I can do for my country, and you need to accept that many other African Americans and others support this president because of his policies. And to insult me to say am I getting paid, that is disgraceful. That is horrible.”

“I have asked the same question of Democrats who have come on,” Melvin falsely claimed, offering no examples.

“That’s representative of MSNBC and their narrative to keep blacks silent who happen to support this president,” Jones said. “Why can’t I be like white liberals or other whites? Nobody questions if they’re getting paid.”

“So, I have to get paid?” Jones added. “Do you ask Democrats, do they get paid? Look at [who’s getting] paid by Joe Biden.”

“I just said to you, I have,” Melvin replied.

“Have you ever asked any host on your show if they’ve been paid by Joe Biden?” Jones said. “I haven’t heard it.”

“State representative Vernon Jones,” Melvin said as he cut off the interview. “Representative Jones, thank you.”

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This isn't the first time that Melvin has questioned a black Republican about them being a "token" for the Republican party. Earlier in the year, Melvin asked Republican Senator Tim Scott if the Republican Party was "using" him.

“You have faced a fair amount of criticism, especially over the past few days, because you are the only black Republican senator,” Melvin said. “Some have said that your party is using you, they’ve even thrown around the word ‘token,’ as well. Your response to that criticism?”

“Well, I am also the only person in my conference who has been racially profiled driving while black,” Scott said. “I’m the only one in my conference that’s been stopped seven times in one year as an elected official, perhaps the only one in my conference wearing this Senate pin that was stopped from coming into the building. So if there’s someone in the conference who understands discrimination and profiling, it’s me. It’s the reason why I asked to lead this charge, because it is a personal issue, it is the right issue. And frankly, I think it helps to have someone who’s been a victim of this situation and who still has a tremendous respect for where our country can go together.”

Scott added, “So I shrug those comments and criticisms off. But you’ve got to know, when you’re a black Republican, you’re like a unicorn. People are going to criticize you when you wake up, when you go to sleep, if you say you like apple pie and football, there’s a lot of critics for that, too. So God bless their souls.”

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