Video Resurfaces Of Shirtless Bernie and His Wife Singing Communist Anthem In USSR

Democrats and their media allies have spent years trying to smear President Trump as a secret Russian agent but have largely ignored the exploits of their own potential 2020 nominee. 

Despite serious and concerted efforts to prop up the sputtering campaign of the now borderline senile Joe Biden, socialist Bernie Sanders is on the brink of surpassing the former V.P. for the inside track on the nomination. 


Even though Sanders has been held hostage in Washington for the impeachment trial, he continues to run strong in key early voting states and has now roared into the lead less than a week before the critical Iowa caucuses. 

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But how much longer will he be able to conceal his communist sympathies and his well-documented history of advocacy for the Soviet Union and its repressive policies?

The answer may be coming into focus as a damning video of Sanders and his wife has reemerged showing a vodka-sodden gathering in the USSR where the charming couple joined with locals to sing communist songs on their honeymoon. 

The resurfaced video comes courtesy of a Democrat activist who posted it on her Twitter feed.

The astonishing footage was originally unveiled last year and after a brief flurry of stories in the mainstream media, vanished along with questions as to whether a closet commie would acceptable to hold the highest office in the land. 

According to a Politico story from May 2019 entitled "Bernie's mystery Soviet tapes revealed":

The hours of footage include a scene of Sanders sitting with his delegation at a table under a portrait of Vladimir Lenin. Sanders can also be heard extolling the virtues of Soviet life and culture, even as he acknowledges some of their shortcomings. There are flashes of humor, too, such as his host warning the American guests not to cross the KGB, or else.

The video also paints a fuller picture of why Sanders ventured to the land of America’s No. 1 enemy in the midst of the Cold War, the anti-war idealism that fueled his journey, and what he found when he got there.

Over the course of 10 days, Sanders, who was then the mayor of Burlington, and his dozen-member delegation traveled to three cities: Moscow, Yaroslavl and Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg. Their goal was to establish a “sister city” relationship with Yaroslavl, a community along the Volga River home to about 500,000 people. At the time, the Soviet Union was beginning to open itself to the world, if only slightly — and Sanders was a self-described socialist with an unusually large interest in foreign affairs for a mayor.

Upon his return from Russia, Sanders bestowed high praise on the Soviet system with remarks that would later turn up in his presidential platform and his dream of bringing about a socialist revolution in America. 

The video of the much younger Bernie drunkenly partying in the heart of what former President Ronald Reagan famously referred to as the "evil empire" is hardly the ideal wedding footage to find its way into the media.

This was well before the day when everyone with a cellphone could shoot high quality video of impromptu events and that Sanders and his blushing bride were comfortable with the entire episode being filmed – likely out of bravado – says a lot about where his true loyalties are.

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The resurfaced video is probably not good news for Bernie in this strange era of hysteria when a good portion of the nation is even more Russian conspiracy crazy than during the height of the Cold War and the Dem establishment is sharpening their blades for sanders.

The video of a vodka-fueled Sanders singing communist songs would be easy pickings for President Trump who has vowed that America would "never" be a socialist country were the two to face off in a series of debates. 

Ironically, Comrade Bernie was one of those who pushed the debunked conspiracy theories about Trump being in cahoots with the Russkies. 

One can only imagine how much kompromat of Comrade Bernie is currently stashed away in the vaults at the Kremlin. 


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