Warren Accidentally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: Pandemic ‘Chance to Expand Our’ Radical Agenda

Democrats are still trying to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to pass their liberal pet projects and ideas.

During an interview on MSNBC, Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren said pandemic had presented an opportunity to “expand” how Democrats are trying to define infrastructure.

Below is a partial transcript:

RUHLE: “Republican senators just unveiled a counteroffer to President Biden’s latest $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan. The new price tag, $928 billion over eight years. It comes as the president gears up for a trip to Cleveland, where he will focus on manufacturing and the economy. Also this morning we learned that another 406,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. That is the lowest number since the pandemic began. We are on the road to economic recovery. Good news. Joining me now to discuss, Democratic senator from the state of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. Senator, always good to see you. I want to start with this new counter proposal from Republicans, $928 billion. Can you get on board for that?”

WARREN: “Look, I don’t think this is a serious counteroffer. First of all, they don’t have the pay for this. It’s not real. They have this illusory notion of how we’re going to take money committed to other places and other spending. Second part is I’m not hearing about the green infrastructure, about the importance when we make these investments that we’re talking about moving our buses to electric, our school buses to electric, our mass transit to electric, so that we’re bringing down our carbon footprint and whether or not they put enough money in to do this. But the third one is notice who gets left behind, the women. Infrastructure is about helping people get to work and helping businesses thrive because they’ve got workers. We build roads and bridges to do that. We invest in broadband to do that. We need to invest in childcare to do that. Millions of women are out of the workplace right now and one out of four says the reason I can’t get childcare. We were in a crisis before the pandemic hit, it only got worse during the pandemic. This is our chance to expand our idea of what infrastructure means. Give women who want to work a real chance in the workplace. And can I do one more part to that?”

RUHLE: “Sure.”

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WARREN: “And that is — remember this is called a jobs bill. It’s infrastructure and jobs. So as long as we’re investing in roads and bridges and lots of concrete, about 90 percent of those jobs are going to be for men, and they’re good jobs. And I support that and I think that’s great. But when we’re talking about childcare, those jobs are nearly all going to women and those jobs today pay far too little. We have a chance to turn those into good-paying, professional jobs. So — and we include childcare and then we get — moms get a chance in the workforce and daddies, and the women who are doing the work get a chance at the workforce.”

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Joe Biden is asking Congress to pass his $2.6 trillion American Jobs Plan.

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The Heritage Foundation, one of the largest conservative think tanks in the world, said Biden’s plan is “reckless” and nothing more than “a gargantuan tax-and-spend package.”

“In order to create jobs, the plan would have to overcome the number of jobs destroyed by the tax increase. It would fall well short of just breaking even,” the report said.

“The health of America’s democracy would also take a turn for the worse if Washington gains even more say over local decisions,” the report added.

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