Warren Attempts To Woo Voters At NH Diner And It Goes Horribly Wrong

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been slipping in the polls and struggling to gain much momentum so far in the primaries.

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During a quick visit to a local New Hampshire diner, things could not have gone any worse for Warren in her cringeworthy attempt to woo voters.

In a video clip of the awkward encounter, Warren was seen walking around tables while people were eating, waving, and trying to strike up conversations.

But it appears that literally everyone ignored Warren and just wanted to eat their food.

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In the clip below, it’s more than obvious that no one wanted to engage with Warren.


Several Twitter users torched Warren for the awkward exchange, with a majority using adjectives like “embarrassing,” “cringe,” or “awkward” to describe the incident.

“She’s that weird aunt that smells like garlic and urine,” one individual said of Warren jokingly.

Another poked fun at her controversial DNA test results that show she’s 1/1024 Native American, saying, “Wow, that was embarrassing. And about 1/1024 effective use of time during a campaign.”

Warren’s bizarre encounter came a week after she came under fire for stopping just short of calling President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees “deplorable.”

Warren said Trump has nominated judges who stand for racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-voter sentiments and urged voters to “look at their written records.”

“I think what’s at the heart of it is who you ask to be a judge,” Warren said at the “We the People 2020” forum in Des Moines, which featured the top 2020 Democrats.

“And I’ll tell you what the answer has been for Donald Trump, cause I’ve seen these guys. Homophobic, that’s in. Racist, that’s in. Sexist, oh yeah, most definitely. And anti-voter. That’s been a big qualification. He has named one person after another,” Warren continued.

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Democrats refuse to learn their lesson.

According to Warren — and many other Democrats — anyone who is Christian, believes in God, and supports the U.S. Constitution and the way our Founders wrote it is apparently a racist, sexist, homophobic.

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