Washington Post Says They Won’t Hold Joe Biden Accountable With “Fact Checker” Like They Did With Trump

When it came to President Trump, every newspaper and media outlet in the country did everything they could to make him appear to be a “liar” by keeping a record of his “false statements”.

The Washington Post even had a dedicated spot on their website that would track everything he said that deemed to be “false”. Turns out most of the claims on their list were distorted by THEM in order to make Trump sound like he was saying something that he really wasn’t.

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However, now they are assuring the American people that they will not be holding Joe Biden accountable in the same way (even though he has been a proven liar over the past 5 decades)

In fact, the reason they refuse to fact check Biden is because – get this – they assume he’ll “be like Obama”.


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Here’s what WaPo told the Daily Caller about it’s decision to not hold Joe Biden accountable for his statements:

“Trump’s departure also equals an end to having a false claims project for the current president…We do not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time.”

“The database of Trump claims was started a month after Trump became president as a way to not overwhelm our fact-checking enterprise, where the core mission is to explain complex policy issues,” they added.

On January 16th, WaPo fact-checker Glenn Kessler told CNN why they’re saying “no thanks” to a Biden fact check team:

“I assume the Biden presidency will be a lot like the Obama presidency, and that they will be responsive, and will be able to quickly back up what they’re saying,” he said.

So because he’ll “be like Obama”, they don’t feel the need to fact check anything he says. This is despite the fact that Obama was one of the biggest liars the Oval Office has ever seen.

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Stories like this stress the importance to keep supporting us here at TrendingPolitics.com. It’s clear the media will be taking a 4-year long nap when it comes to reporting on the Biden Administration.

That makes it our job to call him out for the destruction he is unleashing on our freedoms.

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