WATCH: 91 Painful Seconds of Joe Biden Forgetting People’s Names

Joe Biden has recently struggled with remembering people’s names; particularly, people in his own administration.

The list of people’s names Biden forgot is quite impressive:

  • GOP leader Kevin McCarthy
  • His own name and that of President Obama
  • Xavier Becerra
  • Chris Wallace
  • Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin
  • Pete Buttigieg and Chasten Buttigieg
  • Chinese leader Xi Jinping
  • Senator Shelley Moore Capito
  • Senator Mitt Romney
  • Women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe
  • New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang
  • Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood
  • Former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy
  • Attorney General Merrick Garland

This fairly comprehensive list was put together by RNC Research, but it is not even exhaustive.

One of the most stunningly awkward examples came when Biden finally got around to visiting Houston after the Texas freeze disaster.

“Representatives, uh, Shirley Jackson Lee, Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Panneli, uh, excuse me,” Biden said and winced. “Pannell, and uh, what am I doing here?” he said.

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Of course, that would be Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Rep. Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, both Texas Democrats.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary made an embarrassing admission about a Biden statement on the Cuba uprising that raises further questions.

“We, of course, are monitoring closely, you saw the statement the president — we put out in the president’s name this morning, in his voice of course, conveying his support for the people of Cuba,” Psaki said.

Thus, the statement did not come from him personally. Of course, this goes with numerous times that Biden has been caught using notes, including at press conferences.

One of the most concerning examples was at a recent stop at an ice cream shop in Traverse City, Michigan. When Biden was hit with a question from behind the counter about ‘Russia-based hackers,’ he was left scrambling for his notes.

This is the man who is currently in charge of the most powerful nation in the world. Well, at least, nominally he is.

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