WATCH: Ben Shapiro Reacts To Rittenhouse Verdict; “It Is Obvious That The Jury Did The Right Thing”

On Friday, Ben Shapiro recapped the ‘not guilty’ verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse by saying it’s “obvious” that the jury did the right thing.

“Let’s talk about the verdict. So obviously not guilty on all charges. The thing that stunned me about the controversy about this is that the standard in American law is reasonable doubt. It wasn’t even that the defendant had to prove that he did this in self defense. He had to prove that there was reasonable doubt that he might have done this isn self defense,” Shapiro began while speaking to Michael Knowles.

“There is no human being with more than two neuronal firing synapses who did not know this was the case. Everybody knew that this was the case. If you had a pre frontal cortex and you watched this trial for more than 35 seconds, you knew the prosecution had nothing, you knew all of their witness were defense witnesses, you knew that all the tape backed Rittenhosue’s account,” he continued.

“It is astonishing to me that there are still members of the media that are claiming that for some larger purpose, Rittenhouse had to go to jail. Which by the way shows you where they are. Because it was never about the case. It’s never about the circumstances of the individual case. It’s always about the broader narrative that has to be pushed,” Shapiro added.

Watch the full video below:

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“The fact that the jury stood up and did the right thing here is impressive. It also I think also underscores how much of a threat they were under, because to get them to ‘not guilty’, that means that somebody had to be convinced to go ‘not guilty’, in which case the entire jury had to bring logic to bear, or they knew not guilty from the outset and they were waiting and they didn’t want to be run up a flagpole for the grave misstep of somehow just saying the obvious right away. Whatever the case may be, it’s perfectly obvious that the jury did the right thing, which means of course that the media and the court of public opinion will deem that the jury did the wrong thing,” he concluded.

“I’m going to bring in David Henderson, civil rights attorney. David, if you’re the family of, of, the, the dead victims here,” he said while pausing, holding back his tears.

What’s your next….do you have another place to go? Where to Mr. Huber’s and Mr. Rosenbaum’s family go?” Todd asked.

Watch below:

The liberal media is truly the enemy of the people.

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