WATCH: Biden Appears To Fall Asleep During Climate Change Speech; Doesn’t Wake Up Until Staffer Talks To Him

On Monday, Joe Biden lived up to his nickname of “Sleepy Joe” when he appeared to fall into a deep slumber during a speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

In the beginning of the video, Biden closes his eyes but then reopens them after a few seconds. However, 20 seconds into the video, Biden appears to take a cat nap for about 30 seconds before an aide comes over to wake him up.

Watch below:

The speaker was giving a fear-mongering speech about climate change, saying that the world will be destroyed if we don’t “do something now”.

“I see a generation growing up with fear in their hearts for what the future holds. On behalf of everyone, disabled and non-disabled all around the world, I call on you to commit to concrete actions to stop the destruction of this magnificent planet,” said the speaker.

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Why wasn’t Biden more interested in this speech? I thought he said Climate Change was one of the most dangerous things we face as a globe? I guess climate change isn’t THAT important to him. I mean, he did fall asleep during the speech.

What is your reaction to Biden living up to his name as “Sleepy Joe”?

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