WATCH: Biden Coughs Into His Hand And Then Shakes Hands With Multiple People

On Monday, Joe Biden proved that he really doesn’t care about the potential of spreading Covid. After giving a rambling, incoherent speech, Biden coughed into his hand and then shook hands with multiple people without wearing a mask.

So much for “taking every measure possible!”. Watch below:

So here we have Biden, who shames Americans on a daily basis if they don’t wear masks, getting germs into his hand and then spreading it to people throughout the crowd. How is that “safe”?

As always, Biden follows the old adage of “Rules for thee, not for me!”

During his speech today, Biden bizarrely praised New Jersey Governor Murphy for “showing the way” on COVID despite losing more than 8,000 senior citizens in nursing homes to the Coronavirus under his orders.

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“Governor Murphy, so many of the national tragedies we’re confronting are in areas you’re already leading. That’s not hyperbole… Protecting public health, thanks for showing the way pal, thanks for showing the way,” said the President.


Why does Biden not sense the insane irony? Comment below…

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