WATCH: Bill Maher Blasts The Left For Politicizing Ivermectin; “It’s A Drug! Not A Politician!”

On Friday evening, Bill Maher took issue with liberals politicizing the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19.

“One of the problems is you’ve written so eloquently about is that we have politicized medication now. I mean, Ivermectin. It keeps-Ivermectin. It’s a drug. It’s not a politician. It should not have any reputation, except does it work or not,” Maher said.

“Like on the left, it was like, Oh no, you can’t even mention it,” Maher added. “And of course, the comedians on the left would only talk about the fact that it was used to worm horses, leaving out that it’s been prescribed millions of times for humans now.”

Maher is spot on.

Far-left wing hacks like Jimmy Kimmel falsely slandered the drug as “horse goo” although the human version of the drug has won a Nobel Prize.

Watch below:

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“I think the thing that was really weird about COVID is that there were so many people who were suddenly rooting against or for certain drugs, right?” said guest Matt Taibbi. “Why do you care?”

“Right? Rooting!” said Maher. “Root for it!”

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